Computational Biology

Currently, faculty members at IMSc work on biophyscs of biomolecules, active membranes, biomolecular transport, pattern formation, regulatory genomics, sequence alignment algorithms, systems biology, infectious disease modelling, cardiac arrhythmias, computational neuroscience, modelling of protein folding, protein-protein interactions, nature of hydrophobic force, and various other topics in computational and mathematical biology. We expect to expand into more areas in coming years. See here for more details.

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May 4 - Hall 123 - PJC by Pheno Journal Club
May 5 - Room 117 - NA by STJC
May 10 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - TBA by Gautam Mandal
May 11 - Hall 123 - PJC by Pheno Journal Club
May 12 - Room 117 - NA by STJC

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