Theoretical Computer Science

The primary research focus of the theoretical computer science (tcs) group at IMSc is on the mathematical foundations of computation.  These include algorithms, logic, automata theory, combinatorics, and computational complexity. The group currently comprises of eight faculty members,  and several post-doctoral fellows and doctoral research scholars.  The activities of the group include running a highly challenging graduate programme for doctoral students, holding research seminars, and organising research-level workshops and conferences as well as instructional schools and workshops.

The current research interests of the tcs faculty are in the following broad areas.

  • Logic, Automata and Concurrency (automata theory and logical foundations, verification of concurrent and distributed systems, temporal and epistemic logics, game theory, security theory):   Prakash Saivasan
  • Algorithms, Combinatorics and Data Structures ( Parameterized algorithms and complexity, succinct data structures, space-efficient algorithms, graph theory and algorithms, symbolic and algebraic computation, optimization, probabilistic combinatorics, algorithmic game theory, online algorithms):  Sushmita Gupta,  Venkatesh Raman, Saket Saurabh, Vikram Sharma
  • Computational Complexity (Algebraic computation, Boolean functions and circuits, graph isomorphism, polynomial identity testing, proof complexity): V Arvind, Meena Mahajan, C Ramya,