Post-doctoral Programme

The Institute welcomes applications for post-doctoral fellowships in the following areas, particularly in those of interest to faculty members here.

General Structure
Post-doctoral fellows at IMSc need not be affiliated to individual faculty members and can choose to work independently or collaboratively. Post-doctoral fellows are expected to maintain a high standard of research as well as to contribute to IMSc activities, such as by giving regular talks, organising seminar series and participating in teaching and outreach.

Post-doctoral fellowships are normally awarded for one year initially, but can be extended by up to an additional year.

Applicants should have completed the requirements for a PhD in their respective discipline. At the time of appointment the applicant should have submitted their doctoral thesis. (It is not essential that the thesis should have been defended, so long as it has been submitted.)

Post-doctoral fellowships come with salaries that range from Rs. 47,000 per month, in case for a fresh PhD, upto a maximum of Rs. 54,000 per month for candidates with 2+ years of post PhD experience. In addition a contingency grant of Rs. 40,000/year is provided. Medical coverage will be provided to the fellowship holder. While IMSc will attempt to provide furnished accomodation to all selected post-doctoral fellows, this is subject to availability. A house rent allowance (equal to 24% of the fellowship amount) can be provided in lieu of Institute accommodation.

Application and Selection Procedure

The details of the procedures are provided in the pages of the respective groups:

Selection Timeline
Applications are accepted all year round. Post doctoral selection committees meet at least twice or thrice a year, and decisions are made within a few weeks of the meeting. Applicants may contact the director by email in case of excessive delays. Please check respective departmental pages for further details.

Other information
If you have more questions about our application procedures, about your eligibility or simply about life and work at IMSc, do write to any of the faculty members or post doctoral fellows listed on our home page.

Rules governing Post Doctoral Fellowship in IMSc