Visiting Scientist Programme

Front-ranking scientists from all over the world visit the Institute frequently. Such visits typically center around a set of formal lectures. A public lecture targeted at a general audience is often a part of these visits.

 The Institute is part of the Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit (TPSC) programme.

 Over the years, the Institute has hosted several Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists and other scientists of eminence, often for extended periods of time.

 Visiting scientists at IMSc may choose to stay either in the Guest-House or in self-contained flatlets equipped with kitchenettes.

 If you are interested in visiting us, do send an email to stating your field, your area of activity, how long you would like to visit and any other information you think will help us in evaluating the application.


Jul 27 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive
Jul 28 - Chandrasekhar Hall - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club
Jul 28 - Hall 123 - A study on measures of total and quantum correlations by Shrobona Bagchi
Jul 28 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Hitchin morphism for parahoric torsors by Rohit Verma
Jul 29 - Room 327 - TCS Comprehensive by TCS Comprehensive

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