Student Information

Academic Calendar

Each academic year is broken into two semesters. The first semester courses start in the first week of August and the courses and their assessments are over by the 31st of December. The second semester courses start in the first week of January and they (including their assessment) end by the 15th of June.

Academic program

Graduate students at IMSc typically spend the first 3-4 semesters doing coursework in preparation for research. The assessment for each course is continuous and consists of several written assignments or problem sets. Every course will hold a final exam with a written component covering the entire course material. A course may also have a midterm exam and any other form of evaluation at the discretion of the instructor.

Although the preparatory coursework is intensive, students often begin to explore research problems on their own, using seminars, scientific meetings and the opportunity to interact with both Institute members and our many visitors as opportunities to do so. It is expected that students will identify a research supervisor whose interests match theirs most closely and investigate the possibility of working with them.

Comprehensive Exam

Following the completion of coursework, students undergo a comprehensive exam to qualify as PhD candidates. Integrated PhD students will often have to complete an extra semester of coursework before they take the comprehensive exam. The details of the exam vary across disciplines and students should consult the respective Deans for more information.

Registration Procedure

Students are required to choose a thesis supervisor among the institute faculty and register for their PhD by the end of the second year.

Students at IMSc are awarded degrees by the Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI). Students will be required to complete the appropriate form and submit it to the Dean, HBNI in the appropriate subject.

Student Seminars

Students are encouraged to to give a seminar on a topic of their research once every year beginning from the second year.

Monitoring/Doctoral Committee

A monitoring committee is set up for students once he/she joins the program. This committee consists of the Dean or Course coordinator, HBNI as well as faculty members chosen from those involved in teaching during the first two semesters. Once the student chooses his/her supervisor, the monitoring committee is replaced by a doctoral committee appointed by the Dean, HBNI together with the prospective adviser. The monitoring committee will evaluate the progress of the students at least once every semester. Every student, once he/she enters the PhD program is evaluated once every 6 months by the Doctoral Committee.

Computer Usage and Accounts

To get an account on the IMSc system, contact the System Administrator Mr. Raveendra Reddy with the appropriate form which can be obtainded from office.


The Institute has a well stocked computerized library. It is recognized by the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) as a Regional Center for the southern region.

Entry to the library outside office hours and on institute holidays is restricted to institute members only. Members need an access control card to enter the library outside office hours and on institute holidays. Please contact the librarian with the appropriate form to get your card.

Information on all the books and journals in the library is available online The home page also allows you to access and search the library catalogue. Students can check out books using their ID card.

Office Allotment

All students will be provided office space for 5 years. As offices become available, they will be made available to students on the basis of seniority which is allotted randomly at the start of the first year.


The Fellowship is offered initially for a period of one year under the “Doctoral Programme” of the Institute for I.PhD or PhD students.

The fellowship is renewbale for another year based on the performance of the student admitted to the Integrated PhD (I.PhD) Programme in course work and projet work before he/she is awarded M.Sc Degree. They are encouraged to register for PhD Programme. The fellowship of students admitted for the PhD Programme will be extended for a further period of four years if the course work and project work in preparation for research is found satisfactory. The Research Scholars are entitled for the following rates of fellowship:

Consolidated Fellowship:

Fellowship for Integrated Ph. D (I.PhD) Research Scholars Fellowship for PhD Research Scholars
1st year - Rs.21,000/-p.m. [JRF] 1st & 2nd years - Rs.31,000/- p.m. [JRF]
2nd & 3rd years - Rs.31,000/- p.m. 3rd, 4th & 5th years - Rs.35,000/- p.m. [SRF]
4th, 5th, 6th & 7th years - Rs.35,000/- p.m. [SRF]

All the students of this Institute are awarded Degrees (Msc/PhD) by the Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI), Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. Of India. On successful completion of three years, the I.PhD Students will be re-designated as Senior Research Fellows (SRFs) for next three years with enhanced fellowship of Rs.35,000/- p.m.

On successful completion of two years, the PhD Students will be re-designated as Senior Research Fellows(SRFs) for next three years with enhanced fellowship of Rs.35,000/- p.m.

The total period of fellowship is only for 7 years for Integrated PhD Research Scholars and 5 years for PhD Research Scholars.

Contingency grant

The Research Scholars are entitled for the payment of Book Allowance (or ) Contingency Grant per annum on reimbursement basis as per the following guidelines.

JRFs – I.PhD Program:

Book Allowance : [For 1st year]

  • Entitled for Book allowance of Rs.25,000/- during 1st year. This is allowed on pro-rata basis @ Rs.6,250/- during each quarter. Though the rate of Rs.6,250/- is earmarked for each quarter on pro-rata basis, they are entitled to carry forward the same to the next quarter of the academic year. In other words, the JRFs are eligible to claim Rs.6,250/- after a quarter (or) Rs.12,500/-, after 2 quarters (or) Rs.18,750/-, after 3 quarters (or) full amount of Rs.25,000/- during the last quarter of the year.
  • The JRFs of I.PhD are entitled for Contigency Grant of Rs.25,500/- as explained above only for purchase of books and journals relevant to their academic programme.

JRFs – PhD Program:

Contigenct Grant (for 5 years for Ph.D from first year / for 7 years for I.Ph.D. from 2nd year):

  • Entitled for contingency grant of Rs.40,000/- p.a. during all the 5 yrs. This is allowed on pro-rata basis, they are entitled to carry forward the same to the next quarter of the academic year. In other words, the JRFs are eligible to claim Rs.10,000/- after a wuarter Rs.20,000/-, after 2 quarters Rs.30,000/-, after 3 quarters (or) full amount of Rs.40,000/- during the las quarter of the year.
  • They are permitted for purchase of hardware/ software items alone to spend in excess of Rs.40,000/- and claim the reimbursement in successive quarters up tp the next academic year (and no further).
  • Therefore the Research Scholars are advised to submit the original bills towards purchase of hardware / software. The Office will reimburse the amount in succcessive quarters (Rs.10,000/- per quarter), and keep the bills valid to allow reimbursement of excess amount from the contingency grant of succedding academic year.


  • Contingency Grant on reimbursement basis is entitled on submission of calim in the prescribed format with original bills for the following purposes:
    1. Purchase of books and journals relevant to their academic programmes.
    2. Purchase of software & Hardware on obtaining prior approval of the Computer Committee.
    3. Domestic travel for attending seminars and conferences held in India limited to 2nd AC train fare entitlement under the existing rules subject to production of letter of invitation and approval of participation by Director and on production of train/bus tickets.

Insitute support:

  • The reimbursement of actual cost of work related travel, tuition fee, registration fee, thesis evaluation fee and any other similar fee, wherever applicable, paid by the I. PhD/PhD Research Scholars to the Universities will not be part of the book allowance/ contigency grant and would be borne by the Institute subject to receipt of recommendations of Faculty concerned guide/approval of co-ordinators and on production of original bills along with prescribed travelling allowance forms.


  1. The I.PhD Students are entitled for reimbursement of contingency grant for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th years (6 years) on par with PhD Students as explained above.
  2. The period of one year in both the cases (I.PhD & PhD) is counted on academic year basis i.e. August to July next year.


All the new Research Scholars who will be joining IMSc for the respective Academic Year, will be provided with sharing hostel accommodation at our off-campus hostel availbale at DAE Nodal Centre, Pallavaram.

In case the JRFs make his / her own residential accommodation arrangements outside the Institute he/she is entitled to draw HRA as per rules for which a separate application need to be submitted to Administration Devision in the prescribed format by the JRF. HRA will be revised periodically whenever orders are issued by Department of Atomic Energy.

Things you should know:

  • A SIM Card can be purchased from the shops available very close to IMSc. You will need two passport size photographs and address proof, which can be taken from the office. (Please send a email request to Mrs. R. Indra, Administrative Officer “”).
  • Most of the official circulars, assignments, lecture announcements, and course information are done through email. So try to get your IMSc email id as soon as possible.
  • Library card and ID card are the same with RFID facility. Having your IMSc ID card, you can enter the library at any time. Without an ID card, entry to the library is subject to timings.
  • Internet is free and unlimited. However, there is an acceptable use policy that can be found here:
  • Printers are accessible to everyone. You can print out lecture notes, papers etc. It is advised that you don't overdo it, though!.
  • You can get free stationary (notebooks, paper, stapler etc.) by asking for the same at the Purchase / despatch section (near reception of Main Building) by submitting an indent in the prescribed format.
  • A table “where to go for help / assistance” is enclosed for the benefit of new JRFs.


  • The Integrated PhD/ PhD Research Scholars must be a full time Research Scholars at the Institute. The research scholars shall be required to submit to the Director or faculty co- ordinator/ faculty guide concerned periodical reports on progress of his/ her academic research work.
  • At the time of joining the Institute, the JRF shall furnish an undertaking that he / she will withdraw all the applications so far submitted by him/ her for employment/fellowship/research assignment etc. elsewhere and shall not apply without prior permission of the Director for employment /fellowship /research assignment elsewhere during the tenure of his / her fellowship.
  • No Research Scholar shall discontinue his/ her fellowship prior to the completion of the tenure, without the prior approval of the Director. A fellowship award shall ordinarily terminate on the date the normal tenure of the fellowship expires. However, the tenure of the fellowship may be terminated by the Director at any time prior to the completion of the tenure, without assigning any reasons therefore.
  • In respect of matters not covered by the above rules, the decision of the Director shall be final and binding.
  • The research scholars who desires to leave the Institute should submit their resignation two months in advance from the proposed date of relief to the Director through the faculty guide for acceptance of the resignation. They should indicate the probable date of their relief. Such research scholars are expected to be in the Institute on the day of relief and the research scholars will be relieved only on the working days.



The Institute Guest House Canteen offers the following catering services :-

Sl.No Service Timings Counter details
1 Breakfast 07:30 hrs to 10:00 hrs Only at Guest House Canteen
2 Lunch 13:00 hrs to 14:15 hrs Guest House Canteen & Students Hostel Mess (same menu)
3 Evening Tea / Coffee (only all the days) 17:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs Only at Guest House Canteen
4 Dinner 19:30 hrs to 21:00 hrs Only at Guest House Canteen
5 Coffee Pantry (Tea / Coffee session) 11:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs & 15:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs (on all the working days) Coffee Pantry, 4th floor, New Institute Building.

IMSc Mess Guidelines:

Members who want to utilize the IMSc Mess facilities need to deposit in advance the following as per their choice:

Vegetarian Meals (if required all the items including coffee/tea) Rs. 4500/-
Non-Vegetarian Meals (if required all the items including coffee/tea) Rs.5500/-
Only basic menu during breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee/tea Rs. 2500/-
For Coffee/Tea alone Rs.1000/-

THE ABOVE DEPOSITS ARE REFUNDABLE. There is no deadline for making the initial payment and it can be done anytime.

The charges towards consumption of food items every day, will be deducted from the above deposit under intimation to the individual through email, during the respective month.

In the beginning of the following month, the amount that has been deducted previous month only needs to be paid towards the deposit so that the whole amount of deposit made initially will get resumed. In this regard, the IMSc Mess Office will send a mail to the individual about the difference to be paid and the payment is to be made on or before 5th of every month.

The following are the account detailes to pay the deposit amount in advance through bank transfer.

Name of the Account : IMSc MESS
Name of the Bank : Bank of India
Name of the Branch : Adyar
Savings Bank Account No : 801010110010968
IFS Code No : BKID0008010

After effecting the transfer, the transaction details (screenshot) should be sent to with name and designation. An account will be created for the user once payment is confirmed with bank statement.

When a member wants to discontinue utilizing the catering facilities, he/she may send a mail to the above email id, upon receipt of which, the deposit money available in his/her account will be refunded.

Contact person: Shri R. Krishna Balaji – Mob: 9944705748

Leave Rules

IPhD / PhD Students are entitled for the following kinds of leave subject to prior recmmedndations / approval from the faculty co-ordinator / faculty guide concerned. The approval need to be sought through the prescribed application. A Student who plans to be absent from the Insitute due to travel or for any ohter personal reasons ust submit a leaveapplicationin advance to the Approval Faculty Co-ordinatiors and obtain approval before procedding on leave as follows:

Casual Leave (they are entitled for about 15 days - per each calendar year & may vary year by year - Through application or email)

Approval Faculty Co-ordinators
Prof. Shrihari Gopalakrishna – Physics
Prof.Anirban Mukhopadyay - Mathematics
Prof. Meena Mahajan -TCS
Prof.Rahul Siddharthan – Comp.Bio

Paid Leave (they are entitled for 30 days per each calendar year in addition to casual leave – Saturdays, Sundays & any intervening holidays falling during each spell of paid leave will be counted as part of leave only through duly filled in application) in case of this leave the JRFs must submit a Joining Report in the prescribed form after completion of the leave period without fail.

Medical Facilities

The JRFs are entitled to become members of the Contributory Health Services Scheme [CHSS] of the Department of Atomic Energy on compulsory basis on par with all regular staff members and PDFs of the Institute. However, the medical facilities to JRFs/ SRFs are applicable to self only and not applicable for family members.

Beneficiaries of the Scheme shall not be entitled to claim reimbursement under Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules 1944, or any other scheme/ through non-listed hospitals for treatment availed of under the modern systems of medicine.

The medical consultation services are rendered by the Medical Officers of Department of Atomic Energy Hospital, Kalpakkam as detailed below:

On Wednesdays and Saturdays : Doctors will visit IMSc CHSS Clinic and render personal consultation services. (For personal consultations, the patient should call the IMSc Security (22543126) and book the appointment on the previous day morning at 10:00 hrs.)
On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays :Doctors will render online consultation services. (For online consultations, the patient should send an sms to the following staff member of CHSS part-time clinic at IMSc and book the appointment, on the previous day. Send SMS to: Mr. Velu (Mob.9443316178)
(On Sundays and Mondays, there won’t be any services)

The doctors would give medical advice to reporting Research Scholars who are Members of CHS Scheme. The medicines prescribed by the Doctors, can be obtained from any Pharmacy and a claim in the prescribed format available on IMSc web-site under downloadable forms under INTRANET, may be submitted for reimbursement along with original bills and receipts and copy of prescription. The Medical officer also, if necessary, issues referral letters to undergo inpatient / outpatient treatments in the listed Hospitals and lab tests in the approved laboratories as per rules. No consultation fees payable to the Medical Officer.

It may be noted, until CHSS medical card is issued, in case of any emergency JRFs are allowed to get out patient treatment at a nearby hospital called 'Voluntary Health Services (VHS) by obtaining a letter from Administration. However, after getting the CHSS medical card, getting treatment at VHS is not possible and JRFs have to follow CHSS guidelines and go only to empanelled hospitals even on emergency.

Other Facilities

The Institute provides several recreational facilities, including a well-equipped gym, yoga room, table tennis room, tennis and badminton courts, a small soccer/cricket ground, a movie club and a cultural association.

Mechanism for Students' Grievances Redressal

The Institute has created a mechanism for redressal of students' grievances related to academic and non-academic matters, such as assessment, victimization, attendance, conducting of examinations, harassment by co-students or faculty etc. For this purpose there are two Committees functioning in the Institute viz, (i) Gender Bias Redresssal Committee headed by Dr. Sushmita Venugopalan, Reader “F” and (ii) Grievance Committee headed by Prof. Meena Mahajan, Prof “H” to deal with the grievances of the students.

Institute Committees

Hostel Faculty Conselors

Prof. D. Indumathi - Chair
Prof. Syed R. Hassan
Dr. Sayantan Sharma
Dr. Prakash Saivasan
Dr. Anup B Dixit
Dr. Sandeep Choubey

Grievance Redressal Committee

Prof. Meena Mahajan – Chair
Prof. Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Prof. Sanatan Digal
Prof. Sujay Ashok

Internal Complaints Committee (Gender Bias Redressal)

Dr. Sushmita Venugopalan - Chair
Prof. Sibasish Ghosh
Mrs. Vinayalatha S, Registrar
Mrs. R. Indra, Admn. Officer
Mrs. V. Geetha (External Member)
One student representative (nominated by the Chair)

For all other committees:

Contact people

Academic coordinators

Theoretical Physics: Prof. Sujay Ashok
Theoretical Computer Science: Prof. C.R. Subramanian
Mathematics: Dr. Anup B. Dixit
Computational Biology: Prof. Rahul Siddharthan


Prof. Amritanshu Prasad - Dean, Student Affairs
Prof. Vani Vemparala - Dean, Physical Sciences
Prof. Sanatan Digal - Associate Dean, Physical Sciences
Prof. K. Srinivas - Dean, Mathematical Sciences
Prof. Sitabhra Sinha - Dean, Life Sciences


Accounts Office : Mr. N Sreenivasa Raghavan
Administrative Office: Mrs. R. Indra
Registrar: Mrs. Vinayalatha S