About IMSc

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), founded by Alladi Ramakrishnan in 1962, is an autonomous national institution for fundamental research in the areas of Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Computational Biology. The Institute is governed by a Board and an Academic Council. The present Director of the institute is V. Ravindran.

Research at IMSc is supported by the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India and by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Institute has a vibrant  academic program, including an active PhD program to which a select group of students are admitted every year. IMSc also supports a large number of scientists at the post-doctoral level and hosts a  visiting scientist programme. The Institute organizes several national and international scientific meetings annually.  IMSc is also involved in a range of outreach activities for schools, colleges and the general public. The Institute Annual Reports summarize ongoing research and other institute activities.

IMSc has a comprehensive scientific library and diverse computing facilities including high performance computing and a high speed network. A centrally air-conditioned office and lecture-hall complex houses academic members of IMSc. A 200 seat auditorium, the Ramanujan auditorium, is used for large scientific meetings while smaller lecture halls, classrooms, media rooms accomodate more modest gatherings. The campus is entirely Wi-Fi enabled. 

IMSc is located in South Chennai, in the Adyar-Taramani area.  Based in the verdant surroundings of the Central Institutes of Technology (CIT) campus, the institute also houses a student hostel, flatlets for long-term visitors, married students and post-doctoral fellows, and the institute guest house. IMSc has its own faculty housing, Lilavati, in Tiruvanmiyur near the seashore.  A new housing campus is coming up in the Pallavaram area of Chennai, near the airport.