Associateship Programme

Associateship Programme

IMSc administers an Associateship Programme for College and University teachers in the areas of Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Theoretica
l Computer Science and Computational Biology. This programme encourages collaborations between IMSc members and teachers or scientists in the university system.

General Structure

IMSc offers both short term Associateships and Senior Associateships for teachers from colleges and universities to visit and work at IMSc. Under this program, an Associate can visit the Institute once or twice in a year up to a total stay of 90 days per year. It is expected that each visit will be for a period of at least 3 weeks. The tenure of the Associateship will be for a period of three years. A per diem allowance to cover local expenses during the stay at Chennai will be provided in addtion to admissable travel expenses between the Associate's place of work and Chennai. Associates can be provided accommodation in the Institute Guest House if it is available.

Application Process

We recommend that prospective applicants contact specific faculty members in their areas of interest before applying to let them know of their interest. Applications may be sent preferably by email to the Director, IMSc.

The application should contain a CV, a description of their proposed work plan at IMSc and a covering letter (with contact details including phone number, email address and postal address).

The application material and all subsequent correspondence should be sent to:

The Director
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
C.I.T. Campus, Taramani
Chennai 600 113, India
(Electronic correspondence is preferred.)

Selection Procedure 
Upon receipt of the application, the candidate will receive an acknowledgement. The application will be ready for processing once all application material is received. 
Selection Timeline 
Applications are accepted all year round. Applicants may contact the director by email in case of excessive delays. 
Other information  
If you have more questions about your about eligibility for this program, do write to any of the faculty members listed on our home page or to the director.