The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and anti-sexual harassment policy
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences

(Last updated on November 20, 2020)

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) is committed to protecting everyone associated with IMSc (permanent and temporary workers, students, postdocs, project linked personnel) from sexual harassment by creating and maintaining a working and living environment that is free from sexual harassment. Harassment of persons associated with IMSc by IMSc members or visitors as well as by non-IMSc individuals, such as contractors, vendors, visitors, etc. will also come under the purview of IMSc policy. The current members of the Internal Complaints Committee that deals with complaints of sexual harassment at IMSc may be found here.


What is sexual harassment at the workplace?

What to do in a situation that involves harassment?

Confidentiality and Cooperation


What is sexual harassment at the workplace? (Taken from handbook)

“Sexual Harassment” includes one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behaviour (whether directly or by implication):
Forms of Workplace sexual harassment: (adapted from handbook)

Generally workplace sexual harassment refers to two common forms of inappropriate behaviour:

1. Quid Pro Quo (literally ‘this for that’)
2. Hostile Work Environment
Some examples of behaviour that constitute sexual harassment at the workplace: (adapted from handbook)
Some examples of behaviour that may indicate underlying workplace sexual harassment and merit inquiry: (adapted from handbook)
Some examples of workplace behaviours that may not constitute sexual harassment: (adapted from handbook)

What to do in a situation that involves sexual harassment?

Not sure it is sexual harassment?
Dealing with ongoing harassment

Confidentiality and Cooperation

The ICC will endeavour to keep all investigations as confidential as possible. However, the investigation of complaints may also require certain disclosures to the accused individual(s) and to other witnesses for the purpose of gathering pertinent information. In such a case, the ICC will endeavour to limit disclosures to the extent possible.

IMSc expects faculty, staff and other members of the institute to cooperate fully in the investigation process of any complaint. If any faculty or staff member who is the subject of, or a potential witness regarding, a harassment complaint, refuses to cooperate in an investigation, then a disciplinary action can be initiated against him/her.

Civility on Campus: Understanding Sexual Harassment
Talk by Ms. V. Geetha on 28 Jan 2021