TCS Visiting/Summer Student Program

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences has a limited programme for highly motivated bachelor's and master's students interested in doing theoretical work in computer science to visit the Institute. This is typically for 6-8 weeks during the summer (May-July). There is also a provision for a 4-6 month visit (typically during January-April or August-November). The programme is subject to the availability of infrastructure facilities and faculty guides. Our interests are largely mathematical, and applicants should check the TCS page for faculty's research interests before applying.

List of Students Selected for the Summer Programme 2020

A. (With Accommodation)


Smrithi Prakash

Soumodev Mal

B. (Without Accommodation)

R Renuka

S Amritha

Narasimhan K Prahlad

Sagnik Dutta

C.  List of students selected for the summer and six months project (with Accommodation)

M. Shravan

The ACM summer programs may also be of interest. The details of thiis year's ACM summer schools can be found at

General Information

Who is it for?

Students currently studying in their pre-final or final year of BSc/BE/BTech or first year MSc/ME/MTech or equivalent with a good academic record are encouraged to apply.

Note: This is not a programme for those interested in joining as doctoral students; they should see the TCS Graduate Programme page. Students already doing a PhD elsewhere should see the Visiting Student Programme.


Selected students will have an opportunity to pursue research-level studies and become familiar with advanced topics in areas of interest at the Institute, which include algorithms, automata theory, combinatorics, complexity theory, concurrency theory and logic.


Applicants are expected to have studied basics of computing, such as principles of programming, data structures and algorithms.
Having worked on the implementation of a large program, or a thorough knowledge of mathematical aspects (such as automata theory, combinatorics, computability, discrete mathematics, graph theory) will be an advantage.

Facilities Provided

Selected students will be paid 2nd class round trip train fare plus Rs. 200 per diem.
Accommodation will be provided in the Hostel, subject to availability.

Application Form

Please fill in the online application form .

Important Dates

Application Deadline: February 15 for the next May-July summer period, April 15 for the August-November period, October 15 for the January-April period in the following year.

Notification: Selected students will be informed four weeks after the deadline (tentatively by March 15, May 15 and November 15 respectively).

FAQ for the Summer Programme

  • Will I be assigned a faculty mentor during the summer programme?
    • IMSc does not assign summer students to faculty mentors, we would ideally like you to find a mentor by yourself. If you cannot, our PhD students (interacting with you in tutorials) will very likely be able to help you in this, and also suggest whom to contact for which area. Indeed, they are good researchers themselves and may make good mentors for you.
  • Where can I read about ongoing projects in TCS?

    • We suggest to directly contact the faculty or our Phd students regarding this.
  • When exactly does the program start and end?

    • The program usually starts in end of May or starting of June, and continues for 3--4 weeks.
  • What is the time duration for the sessions per day?

    • There are usually two to three sessions per day, each for about 1.5 hours. Please look at the schedule of the programme from earlier years (links given below).
  • Do I need a certificate from my university?

    • A bonafide certificate from your university may be required at the time of joining.
  • Will I get a certificate for completing the summer programme?

    • Yes.
  • Will I get internet connectivity at the institute?

    • Yes. Students selected for the programme will be able to access internet from the institute premises (which includes hostels) during their stay.
  • Will I get on-campus accommodation for my stay?

    • IMSc is currently having a shortage of accommodation, and though we try to accommodate the accepted students in the institute's accommodations, this is not always possible. Moreover, IMSc has limited on-campus accommodation, which means occasionally students are accommodated in hostels of nearby institute's or off-campus accommodation (in the latter case, there is a shuttle service that can be used for commuting).