Summer Student Selected for TCS - 2016

Summer Student Selected for TCS - 2016

May 30th to July 1st 2016

With Accommodation and Per-diem
  Reg. No. Name
1 1381 Neogi Rian
2 1401 Rachita Sowle
3 1454 Aarthi Vishwanathan
4 1466 Siddharth Malik
5 1340 Atlanta Chakraborty
6 1397 Divya Sanghi
7 1380 Kapshikar Upendra
8 1419 Kaustubh Kumar
9 1353 Deepanshu Kush
10 1354 Satyajith Aashish
With only Per-diem and No Accommodation
  Reg. No. Name
1 1319 Sanjana Sahayaraj
2 1366 Debraj Chakraborty
3 1383 N Anusha
4 1385 Subiksha M
5 1387 R Akshaya
6 1388 S Vaishali
7 1393 Pooja K
8 1399 Pranav R
9 1427 Venkatkumar S
10 1437 Murukessan AP
11 1455 Akash Kumar
12 1284 S Vipin
13 1408 Anirban Majumdar
14 1470 Nachiappan Lakshmanram
15 1412 Roy Rajarshi
16 1413 Raha Ritam
17 1348 Arnav Arora

Students willing to arrange their own accommodation and interested in attending the program can write to us for consideration.

Lecture Schedule of the Summer Program

Please note all the lectures will be held in room  number 123.

Presentation Schedule

Possible Papers and Topics to Present.

  1. Low Degree Polynomials (Section 18.7), Maximum Satisfiability (Section 18.8), Discrepancy (Section 18.10) from Chapter 18 of Extremal Combinatorics by Stasys Jukna.
  2. Storing a Sparse Table with O(1) worst case access time by Fredman, Komlos and Szermeredi, JACM July 1984 (Books by Cormen et al or Mehlhorn (Sorting and Searching) cover this as well).
  3. Suffix Trees and Arrays and applications (there is a survey by Srinivas Aluru in the net, but there are also other sources)
  4. The following set of papers related to Teodor's lectures:a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h
  5. Automata for database theory
    Automata for XML -- 1, 2
    Automata for timed systems
    Automata for distributed systems
    Automata for message passing
    Automata for verification
    Automata on trees
    Automata on graphs
    Automata on infinite words
    Automata on infinite alphabets
    Automata for infinite state systems
  6. Another Disjoint Compression Algorithm for OCT by R Krithika and N. S. Narayanaswamy
  7. Split Vertex Deletion meets Vertex Cover: New fixed-parameter and exact exponential-time algorithms by Marek Cygan, Marcin Pilipczuk
  8. Subset feedback vertex sets in chordal graphs by Petr A. Golovach, Pinar Heggernes, Dieter Kratsch, Reza Saei
  9. Subset feedback vertex set is fixed-parameter tractable Marek Cygan, Marcin Pilipczuk, Michał Pilipczuk, Jakub Onufry Wojtaszczyk

Note : These topics are only meant as a suggestion. Please feel free to consult individual instructors for different topics related to your interest.

Slides for Teodor's Lectures

Problem Sheets for Tutorials.

PDF icon Tutorial -Iterative compression.pdf58.99 KB
PDF icon Tutorial-Branching.pdf85.25 KB
PDF icon Tutorial-Kernelization.pdf104.85 KB
PDF icon Warm Up Tutorial.pdf139.5 KB
PDF icon distrib.pdf342.03 KB
PDF icon inf-alph.pdf294.64 KB
PDF icon inf-words.pdf355.72 KB
PDF icon messageseq.pdf377.32 KB
PDF icon thomas.pdf326.68 KB
PDF icon treeauto.pdf319.44 KB
PDF icon timed.pdf197.62 KB
PDF icon verif.pdf270.38 KB
PDF icon xml-neven.pdf109.37 KB
PDF icon xml-schwen.pdf357.71 KB
PDF icon database.pdf157.65 KB
PDF icon infstate.pdf421.64 KB