Personal Laptops

Guidelines for IMSc Network usagefor users having their own Laptops
Users with their own laptops OR borrowed laptops from their parent Institution/Organisation(other than IMSc) are need to register through the IMSc-Network Portal page in order to use the network inside IMSc premises.
The registration process involves the following:

  1. User account creation
  2. Validation of user account
  3. Confirmation from the IMSc Collaborator/System Administrators

User account creation:

  • If you have an existing username in the IMSc LAN(mail account), you may login and use it.
  • Other users need to create an user-account with the following details:
    • Full Name
    • Vaild email address
    • Login-name(username) and password
    • Parent institution/organisation
    • IMSc collaborator's name
    • Collaborator's email address(must be of the form
    • Validation period
  • After creating the username, you are allowed to use the network for 20minutes further for validation purposes. The user should adhere to the IMSc Acceptable usage policy.

Validation of User account:

  • An validation email will be send to the given user's mail address. The user needs to read the validation mail and open the URL to activate it.
  • After this activation, the user is allowed to use the network for 72hrs(3days) only.

Confirmation from the IMSc Collaborator:

  • The concerned collaborator should authenticate the user for further usage.
  • The collaborator will get an email from the portal with details of the user and with 2 URLs for allowing or denying. The collaborator needs to open the corresponding URL of their choice within 72hrs(3days). If the collaborator is not in IMSc campus, the mail need to be forwarded to with their choice indicated.

During the period of stay at IMSc, the user needs to login to use the network using laptop and also the user should ensure that the laptop is virus free, updated with patches and firewall protected. Please do not share your account information to others. The user account will be deleted/de-activated after the expiry date.