IMSc Printing Policy

The objective of this printing policy is for optimum utilization of print/copy/scan devices.
This policy applies to all members of IMSc.

  • Printing is a Privilege
    • The printing of citations, abstracts, and documents form online resources is a privilege that is extended to IMSc community.
  • Acceptable Use
    •  All printer usage will be recorded and these records will be analyzed as and when required.
    •  Print only what you absolutely need.
    •  Whenever possible, printing should be discouraged in favour of working from electronic copies.
    •  Try to avoid bulk printing.  Lengthy documents block printing queues and should be downloaded or e-mailed whenever possible. If you need assistance on how to download files or  e-mail things to yourself, ask sysadmin. Any large printing that must be printed should be done so during non-peak or off hours when printer usage is at a minimum.  Do not print multiple copies of the same document.
    •  Please check for permission for reproduction in case of copyrighted material. In particular, printing of bulky materials, such as entire books or large parts of books, is forbidden by law unless expressly permitted in the licence. Printing of short excerpts or papers may be acceptable under "fair use" but this is not guaranteed. The user alone is responsible for any violations.
    •  The computer committee reserves the right to restrict excessive printing.
  • Limited Resources
    • This service involves costs. Therefore, print judiciously. Paper and toner are expensive. Money spent on wasteful printing could be better spent on more useful resources.
  • Printing Etiquette
    • Retrieve your printed document soon after you print it. If the documents do not appear at the printer wait a minute or so; the printer may be printing another user’s request before yours. You can check the print queue using the command "lpq -P<printer-name>", or even on the printer panel. If your document fails to print, ask the sysadmin to review the print process with you before you resend the print request. If prints by a user are not collected on a regular basis, the computer committee will consider restricting printer access.