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Jul 31 - Room 327 - Matroids by Ashwin Jacob
Jul 31 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Epidemiological and Economic Modeling of Infectious Diseases by Kaja Abbas
Aug 2 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Particle temperature and the Chiral Vortical Effect in the early universe by Soma Sanyal
Aug 7 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - A learning scheme for neural networks in the brain to predict and control body movement by Aditya Gilra
Aug 9 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Lectures on Chern-Simons theories I by Satoshi Nawata
Aug 10 - Ramanujan Auditorium - Tamil nadu science forum (TNSF) by Prof. Ramanujam

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