PhD and Integrated PhD programmes in Mathematics

Math Ph.D/Int. Ph.D Admissions for the Academic year 2021--22  (last updated June 3, 2021)

In view of the pandemic situation prevailing, the following changes will be in effect. The NBHM Doctoral Scholarship Test continues to be the accepted entrance examination for the Ph.D/ Int. Ph.D programmes (Mathematics) at IMSc.  However, due to the uncertainty in the conduct of this test,  other avenues of admission are being considered.   Aspirants are advised to follow further updates from IMSc in this regard. These updates will be posted on the present web page. They will also appear under "News" on the IMSc main web page and on the IMSc social media handles:

IMSc offers PhD and integrated PhD programmes in Mathematics.

Applicants for the PhD programme should have completed a Masters degree in Mathematics or Statistics by the time they actually join the programme.

Applicants for the integrated PhD programme should have completed a Bachelors degree in Mathematics or Statistics by the time they actually join the programme.

Exceptional candidates with a Bachelors or Masters degree in other fields will also be considered for admission to the integrated PhD programme.

How to apply

Candidates aspiring for admission to the IMSc Ph.D/Integ. Ph.D programmes in Mathematics must appear for the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) Doctoral Scholarship Test.

The IMSc academic year starts in the month of August. To apply for August of a given year, candidates must write the NBHM exam held in January of that year.

Candidates must apply directly to the NBHM in order to write the Doctoral Scholarship Test. They need not send a separate application to IMSc.

IMSc will get the test scores and copies of the applications directly from the NBHM and will independently send interview call letters to candidates who have passed the IMSc screening criteria. Interviews are held in March/April. Final selection of candidates will be based mainly on their performance in the test and the subsequent interview, but will take into account their academic track record.


Information about the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship Test.

This test is held around the third week of January each year, and is advertised in leading national newspapers the previous November. The announcement will also appear on the websites of NBHM, IMSc, HRI among others.

For the announcement of the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship Test, visit the web page of the NBHM Scholarships.   Question papers from previous years are available on this page.

New: Click here for updated information on the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship Test 2021.


Details of our academic programme

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