National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM)
NBHM Master's and Doctoral Scholarship Schemes: Selection Procedures and Information

NBHM Scholarship Schemes 2024

Important Announcement (added Friday the 15th March): Final Selection Results Announced (see below)

The selection process for the NBHM Master's and Doctoral Scholarships 2024 is now complete.

As in previous years, the selection process consisted of two phases, the first of which was the Written Test ("the test" in what follows). The test was held on Saturday, 20 January 2024. (The date for the test was arrived at by applying the following formula which we intend to follow in the coming years as well: the unique Saturday in the date range 19--25 January, both inclusive.) The second phase of selection was an online interview, for which candidates were shortlisted based on the test scores.

As in the previous round of selection (2023), the same test served towards selection for both scholarships in the present round too. At the time of application, applicants had the option to be considered for only one of the scholarships (either one) or for both. Separate interview shortlists were drawn up for the two scholarships, based on the test scores. For further details, please refer to the detailed advertisement (linked above).

Final selection results are announced (Friday the 15th March):     Doctoral Scholarship Selected List     Master's Scholarship Selected List

Information on Refunds

Important Dates:

Date                         Event                                                      
10 Nov 2023     Online application portal scheduled to open
30 Nov 2023     Last date for applications with fee of ₹ 400 (single scholarship)/ ₹ 600 (both scholarships)
01 Dec 2023     Application fee changes to ₹ 500 (single scholarship)/ ₹ 750 (both scholarships)
02 Dec 2023     Application fee changes to ₹ 750 (single scholarship)/ ₹ 1000 (both scholarships)
10 Dec 2023 15 Dec 2023    Deadline for applications; end of the day (23:59 hrs, IST)
25 Dec 2023 01 Jan 2024    Admit Cards to be ready for download from the portal
20 Jan 2024     Written Test to be held, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, IST
15 Feb 2024     Interview Shortlists published on the web page and test scores uploaded to the portal
March 2024 Feb-Mar 2024    Interviews to be held
15 Apr 2024 15 Mar 2024    Final selection results for the Scholarships to be announced

Admission to PhD / Integrated PhD programmes based on the test scores

For information about admission to the PhD / Integrated PhD programmes at various institutions (HRI, IISER Berhampur, IISER Mohali, IISER Pune, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, IMSc, KSoM, NISER) based upon the test scores, refer to the web pages of the respective institutions.

Old Question Papers

Question papers (from October 2005 onward) along with answer keys for all written tests (master's, doctoral, and combined) are available in this repository.