NBHM Masters and Doctoral Scholarship Schemes: Selection Procedures and Information

Doctoral Scholarship Scheme

Final Selection Results for Grant of the Doctoral Scholarship 2020: The candidates whose application numbers, roll numbers, and names appear in the zone-wise lists below are being recommended to NBHM for the grant of the Doctoral Scholarship from the academic year 2020--21: Zone 1,   Zone 2,   Zone 3,   Zone 4,   Zone 5.

Caveat: The above recommendation (to NBHM about selection) notwithstanding, tenability of the scholarship further requries that the candidate must enroll (or be already enrolled) in a recognised PhD programme in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics in a University or Institution in India by end of January 2021. The deadline for such enrollment has been extended to the end of January 2021 (from August 2020), due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Note that those in the initial years of an integrated PhD programme are not eligible for the scholarship. See the official FAQ (linked elsewhere on this page) for clarification.

Admission to PhD / Integrated PhD programmes based on NBHM Written Test Scores: For information about shortlists for PhD / Integrated PhD entrance interviews at various institutions (HRI, IISER Mohali, IISER Pune, IMSc, NISER, …) based upon the Written Test, refer to the announcements on the web pages of the respective institutions. Await them if they have not already appeared. Do not look for them here.

For reference: Advertisement (for the 2020 version of the Scheme and the Written Test in particular) and the associated FAQ.

Masters Scholarship Scheme

Final Selection Results of the 2019--20 version of the scheme: Here is the list of selected candidates. Offer letters have been sent out to the selected candidates by email by NBHM on 31 August 2020.

For reference: Advertisement (for the 2019--20 version of the Scheme and the Written Test in particular) and the associated FAQ.

2020-21 version of the scheme: Details will appear on this web page (and elsewhere) in due course. Given the prevailing pandemic, the written test is not yet scheduled.

Old Question Papers

These (from October 2005 onwards) along with keys, for both masters and doctoral written tests, are available in this repository.

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