NBHM Master's and Doctoral Scholarship Schemes: Selection Procedures and Information

Doctoral Scholarship Scheme

Important announcement (uploaded at 23:00 hrs on Wednesday 07 April 2021): Given the resurgence of the pandemic and attendant restrictive measures, the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship written test scheduled to be held on Sunday, 11 April 2021, stands indefinitely postponed at all centres.

When is the (postponed) test likely to be held? Announcements will appear on this web page in due course. The next announcement concerning the new date of the written test will appear here in the first week of May first week of June towards the end of June 2021.

The Application Portal: The portal to apply to appear for the written test closed on 24 March 2021.

Will fresh applications (to appear for the test) be accepted when the date for the postponed test is announced? We do not know at the moment whether or not fresh applications will be entertained. We will have to wait and see. Announcements regarding this matter will appear on this web page in due course (when the date for the postponed test is announced).

Refund of multiple payments; Withdrawal of application (Announcement made on 03 May 2021) There are two forms (the multiple payment form and the withdrawal form) that an applicant can access by logging into the portal, with the credentials established at the time of registration. The first form may be filled to request refund of extra payments (towards application fee) made on the same application. The second form may be filled in case you want to withdraw altogether your application to write the test (whenever this is held). Requests for withdrawal automatically include the request for refund of the application fee (including multiple payments if any). These requests will be considered in batches and it may take about four to six weeks for a request to be processed. Caveat: By withdrawing your application you may be forfeiting all your chances of selection for the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship and possibly also affecting adversely chances of entrance to the PhD / integrated PhD programmes of institutions that use the NBHM test score for screening of applicants. You are therefore advised to think carefully before filling out the withdrawal form. The withdrawal cannot be reversed.

Update posted on 04 June: There has been an unforeseen delay in the processing of the refund and withdrawal forms due to lockdowns and other pandemic related issues.

Notices: For reference, here are the advertisement, the FAQ, and the flyer (short version of the advertisement) about the written test and the doctoral scholarship scheme 2021. Queries that are not answered by the advertisement and FAQ may be raised by writing to one of the Zonal Coordinators (see the advertisement for details).

Admission to PhD / Integrated PhD programmes based on NBHM Doctoral Scholarship written test scores: For information about admission to the PhD / Integrated PhD programmes at various institutions (HRI, IISER Berhampur, IISER Mohali, IISER Pune, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, IMSc, NISER, …) based upon the written test scores, refer to the web pages of the respective institutions.

Master's Scholarship Scheme

2020--21 version of the scheme: The selection process has not taken off due to the pandemic. The scheme will probably stand cancelled for this academic year. Those who were selected during the academic year 2019-20 and are in their second year of Master's in 2020--21 shall receive their stipend.

For reference: Advertisement (for the 2019--20 version of the Scheme and the Written Test in particular) and the associated FAQ. Note: The rules of the scholarship are reviewed from time to time, so there could be changes from one year to the next.

Old Question Papers

These (from October 2005 onward) along with keys, for both master's and doctoral written tests, are available in this repository.

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