TCS PhD/Int PhD Admissions 2021

The Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) group will take the following two routes for shortlisting candidates for interview to our Phd/Integrated Phd program for the year 2021:


  1. UPDATE 28th JUNE: The standard procedure based on the JEST (TCS), 2021, exam as mentioned on the TCS graduate program webpage. If you desire a change in your exam centre, please see JEST website. The interviews of these candidates will take place at an appropriate date.

    UPDATE 16th AUGUST:  Part A results are out. Please login to the JEST website for more details. The list of candidates called for interviews based on their performance in Part A and Part B will be updated here soon.
    UPDATE 23rd AUGUST: The following candidates have been shortlisted for interviews (ordered by the registration numbers). The interview dates are 30th August, 31st August and 1st September. The day wise break will be updated soon.
     UPDATE 27th AUGUST: The interview schedule is as follows.
                                                                                                                                                        30th August interview candidates

    Reference Number Starting Time
    C0100014 10:00
    C7300006 10:30
    C5200153 11:00
    C5200061 11:30
    C5200135 12:00
    C5200175 12:30
    Lunch break 13:00--14:30
    C5200067 14:30
    C5200031 15:00
    C9000011 15:30
    C4000016 16:00

                                                                                                                                                        31st August interview candidates

    Reference Number Starting Time
    C5200026 10:00
    C4200001 10:30
    C0500025 11:00
    C5200029 11:30
    C0500002 12:00
    C5200108 12:30
    Lunch break 13:00--14:30
    C0600015 14:30
    C4100008 15:00
    C0500050 15:30
    C5200095 16:00
    C5200107 16:30
    C5200140 17:00

    UPDATE 4th SEPTEMBER: The following candidates have been selected for admission to the graduate program:

    S. No. Reference No. Name Program
    1 C0100014 Singanporia Kushal Piyushkumar PhD
    2 C0500025 Pratik Shastri PhD
    3 C0500002 Abhijit R Nair Integrated PhD
    4 C4000016 Nitish Shukla Integrated PhD
    5 C5200061 Ishan Chakraborty Integrated PhD
    6 C5200153 Sounak Modak Integrated PhD


  2. Applications for direct call to interview: We invite online applications from individuals who are interested in pursuing Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) at IMSc, Chennai. If you have been called for interview for either
    Interested applicants have to supply any proof that they were shortlisted for interview (e.g,. a call letter, webpage where the shortlisted candidates number appear), and any proof of participation in the national level exam (e.g, score card, registration number details, hall ticket) based on which they were called for interview.
    - You can apply for this route even if you are not registered for JEST.
    - DO NOT upload your JEST registration details on the application portal.
    DO NOT upload only your GATE score card on the application portal. It has to be accompanied with a proof of shortlist for interview in one of the institutes mentioned above.
    - DO NOT upload just a proof of shortlist for interview on the application portal. You have to provide acccompanying proof of appearing in a national level exam.
    DO NOT upload invalid GATE score cards on the application portal. GATE scores from 2019 onwards (inclusive of 2019) are considered acceptable.
    - Individuals who have been shortlisted for interview at TIFR should upload their hall ticket details for the TIFR written exam, along with proof of being shortlisted for interview (e.g., the webpage where the shorlisted candidates names appear).
    - Individuals who were called for a written test prior to an interview but didn't qualify for the interview are not eligible for direct call to interview at TCS at IMSc.
    - If you had uploaded these details earlier, please apply again.
    UPDATE 2nd JULY: Please apply here. The application portal will close on 15th July, 24:00 hrs.
    UPDATE 18th July: The following reference numbers will be called for direct interviews

20th July interview candidates
Reference Number Starting Time
IMScTCS4446 10:00
IMScTCS4201 10:30
IMScTCS3449 11:00
IMScTCS0284 11:30
IMScTCS6402 12:00
IMScTCS7870 12:30
Lunch break 13:00--14:30
IMScTCS3272 14:30
IMScTCS9909 15:00
IMScTCS4447 15:30
IMScTCS9993 16:00


21st July interview candidates
Reference Number Starting Time
IMScTCS1415 10:00
IMScTCS9299 10:30
IMScTCS3298 11:00
IMScTCS2099 11:30
IMScTCS1054 12:00
IMScTCS2382 12:30
Lunch break 13:00--14:30
IMScTCS2594 14:30
IMScTCS7920 15:00
IMScTCS2877 15:30
IMScTCS7763 16:00
22nd July interview candidates
Reference Number Starting Time
IMScTCS5960 10:00

           On 22nd July, we will conduct interviews for those candidates we couldn't cover in the first two days, or candidates we would like to re-interview. The details will become clearer by the end of the second day.
         Nevertheless, please keep yourself available from 10am to 5pm on 22nd July.


        Update 23rd July: The following applicants have been selected to our graduate program after the first round of interviews. An offer letter will be sent to them soon.

S. No. Reference No. Name Program
1 IMScTCS4201 Sanjay Seetharaman Integrated PhD

       Some candidates are on a deferred decision list, i.e., their status will be finalized after the second round of interviews some time later in August. An email has been sent to them.

Candidates shortlisted based on the above two routes will be (virtually) interviewed for final selection. The dates and time for the interview will be announced in some time.

For any queries, please write an email to