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65032    Collected Papers of John Milnor Vol 5 Algebra / Bass,
         Hyman. 51(081) BASS.

65033    Quanta of Maths / Blanchard, Etienne [etal.,], E.
         51 BLA.

65036    Algorithmic Probability and Combinatorics / Lladser,
         Manual E, Etal., 51 CM.

65037    Combinatorics and Graphs / Brualdi, Richard A.Etal.,.
         51 CM.

 Arrival of New books (15th March 2011)
         (Books may be borrowed after 30th March 2011)
 (Location: Library First Floor- Adjascent to New Arrivals- Journals)


64544    Vikram Sarabhai a Life / Shah, Amrita.
         5 SHAH

64577    Superstrings, Geometry, Topology, and  C* Algebras
          / Doran,Robert.S,Ed.,.
         51(0.83.2) AMS

64538    Continuous Lattices and Domains / Gierz , G, etal.,.
         51(02) ENC

64571    Quantum Information Science and Its Contributions to

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Arrival of New books (December 2010)

Library News Date: 
01/12/2010 - 31/12/2010

      Arrival of New books (29th October 2010)
         (Books may be borrowed after 12th November 2010
 (Location: Library First Floor- adjascent to New Arrivals- Journals)


Jun 4 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Quantum computation with classical light: The Deutsch Algorithm / Process tomography via sequential measurements on a single quantum system by Benjamín Pérez and Humairah Bassa
Jun 4 - Room 318 Thermodynamic aspects of black holes in LQG : some recent developments by Abhishek Majhi
Jun 5 - Research Scholars Annex Hall Magnetization plateaux in the Shastry Sutherland model by Bimla Danu
Jun 5 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Thermostability and Cellulases: A Structural Perspective by Ragothaman Yennamalli
Jun 9 - Hall 123 Basics of Graph Coloring by Mathew Francis
Jun 10 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall Self-adjusting binary search trees: What makes them tick? by Laszlo Kozma