Physics Graduate Programme 2019 - JEST 19 -- Selected Applicants

Based on the performance in JEST 2019 followed by personal interview, the following applicants have been selected for admission into the Gradudate Programme of Physics for the year 2019 at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences.  Call letters will be sent to the selected candidates, with the last date for accepting / rejecting the offer as May 31, 2019.

Integrated Ph D

Reg No Name
P5100108 Ritam Basu
P3201131 Saumya Ladhani
P3100393 Karandeep Singh
P5000613 Koyena Bose
P3200739 Ravi Shanker
P3100127 Harshit Joshi
P3300642 Vikas S Bhat
P3200864 Robin Bajaj
P0200023 Aman Chauhan
P0400373 Prem Kumar
P3300573 Vaibhav Pathak

Ph D

Reg No Name
P9600404 Sreejith C
P0100290 Sajjan
P0100027 Apurva Dhingra
P5100698 Sumit Shaw
P5000193 Arijit Sinha
P3100216 Hitesh Kumar Saini
P0400226 Kishore Gopalakrishnan
P4100355 Siddhartha Karmakar
P4100038 Aparajitha Karthikeyan