NEW SCHEDULE : NBHM / IMSc JRF Mathematics Selection Interviews Schedule 2020 for NBHM Zone 5

Instructions to be followed before the interview:
1. The interviews will be conducted online using the video-conferencing tool Google Meet. A link of a web form to be filled by you regarding this interview is sent in the  e-mail address provided by you. If you have not received an e-mail from us containing the link please write to us immediately at the e-mail address : mathjrfadmission [at] imsc (dot) res (dot) in  .  You may also write to us at this email address for any genuine concerns.
2. You need a laptop or a smart phone, an internet connection and a Google account in order to attend the online interview using Google Meet. Please create a Google account if you don't have one.
3. If you plan to use a laptop or a desktop for the Google Meet meeting then you need to have only a Google account (we advise using the Google Chrome browser in this case). If you want to use a phone for the Google Meet meeting then we advise you to download the Google Meet app in your smart phone. If you have not used Google Meet before, please try out with somebody you know and become comfortable with it.
4. Please find from the list below the date of your interview. Please be prepared to be contacted by us any time during 10 Hrs--13 Hrs and 14 Hrs--20 Hrs on this day or the day before or the day after. When we are ready to interview you we will first contact you in your mobile. We will then send you a link in your Gmail or send you the meeting code using which you will be requested to join the meeting in Google Meet.
5. Due to the possibility of unforeseen parameters if there are changes in the interview schedule we will inform you over your mobile phone or using email. We also advise you check this site frequently before your interview date for possible further updates.
6. If the Interview Committee is not satisfied with the quality of video streaming or any other related issues, alternative options will be made available.
Instructions to be followed during the interview:
1. Be in a room whose door is closed and you are alone. When the interview starts, you will be required to show the camera around the room.
2. Keep a photo id with you, with a clear identifiable picture of you, for verification by showing it to the camera.
3. Keep a white notebook (or enough blank white sheets of paper) and pen/pencil/eraser near by in the case we want you to use them. You may be required to show your written work to the camera, so consider writing clearly and in a big font size.
4. If you have a headphone/earphone with microphone, then please use it during the interview.  We also advise you to keep your mobile/laptop/smartphone charged and on charger because video streaming drains battery. 
5. Please think and tell your answer clearly and confidently. We look forward to interacting with you. 
NOTE: In the schedule below candidates whose names are marked with an asterisk (*) will be simultaneously considered for admission to  the PhD or Integrated PhD Programmes of IMSc, as the cases may be.

Monday, July 06, 2020

1 NBHMZ5-162 Z5CN20022 Ritaman Ghosh*
2 NBHMZ5-180 Z5BN20004 Hemant*
3 NBHMZ5-266 Z5CN20024 Rao Suhas Devraj*
4 NBHMZ5-367 Z5CN20160 Sourav Ghosh*
5 NBHMZ5-487 Z5CN20038 Japanjot Singh*
6 NBHMZ5-685 Z5CN20051 Umesh Shankar


Tuesday, July 07, 2020

1 NBHMZ5-931 Z5CO20039 Akash Kumar
2 NBHMZ5-944 Z5CN20069 Sagnik Das
3 NBHMZ5-1175 Z5BN20041 Biswadeep Karmakar*
4 NBHMZ5-1232 Z5CN20083 Anushree Das
5 NBHMZ5-2072 Z5CO20082 Joseph Judy*
6 NBHMZ5-2475 Z5CN20148 Krishna Patra


Wednesday, July 08, 2020

1 NBHMZ5-3347 Z5BN20085 Monideep Ghosh*
2 NBHMZ5-3405 Z5CN20206 Ramkrishna Mandal
3 NBHMZ5-4113 Z5CN20249 Ashutosh Roy Choudhury*