Information on requesting a “direct interview”

Candidates with proven mathematical aptitude who have been unable, for very good reason, to appear for/clear the NBHM examination, but have passed the CSIR-UGC (JRF) or GATE examinations in that year, may apply to the Director by email (director at imsc dot res dot in) to be considered for a "direct interview". It is emphasised that the onus of establishing the exceptionality of the case, to the satisfaction of the IMSc faculty, is on the applicant. Such an application must include the following as attachments:


1. A covering letter which includes the candidate’s personal information (name, date of birth, gender, postal address, email and phone numbers) and the reason for not having cleared the NBHM exam.

2. Evidence of outstanding mathematical ability (academic records and other relevant detail). Please include full details of education, containing school/college/institution, board/university, exam passed, year of passing, division/class and percentage of marks obtained, percentage of marks obtained in mathematics and subjects studied.

3. A "statement of purpose" (about a page or two) outlining the research interests of the candidate and why IMSc would be a suitable place to pursue them.

4. Contact details (name, postal address, email, and telephone number) of two mathematicians who have taught or otherwise influenced the candidate and who would be willing to vouch for the mathematical abilities of the candidate.


All such applications must be received by the director by May 31 of the relevant year. No enquiries whatsoever will be entertained as to the status of these applications.  If an application is successful, the candidate will hear from IMSc by the end of June, and the “direct interview” will be held in July.


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