IMSc Admissions 2020 - TCS Graduate Programme - Instructions for interview

Interview Schedule

  • Please note your date and time of the interview.
  • The time slots are suggestive. We request you to  check ten minutes before your schedule and be available for a period of 2 to 2.5 hours, around this time.
  • Please be available to be contacted during this time.

Regarding video conferencing
The interviews will be held on ZOOM. The details have been shared with you already.     

  • Keep your mobile/laptop/smartphone charged and on charger because video streaming drains battery.  
  • Please use the settings, we decided to use during our practice.  If you would not be around in the Waiting Room at ZOOM (this facility has been enabled), then the committee may contact you on phone too.  
  • If the Interview Committee is not satisfied with the quality of video streaming or other related issues, alternative options will be informed to you..

During the interview:

  • Be in a room whose door is closed and you are alone.   
  • Keep a photo id with you, with a clear identifiable picture of you, for verification by showing it to the camera.  
  • As discussed we will use the writing materials such as board, electronic writing pads or pen/pencil paper, throughout the interview. Else, you will write on the paper and show your writings to the camera, so consider writing clearly and in a big font size.    
  • The interview will be on basic topics in Theoretical Computer Science. Please think and tell your answer clearly and confidently.  

We look forward to interacting with you. Good luck!
For any concerns, please write to saket [at] imsc (dot) res (dot) in or [] [at] gmail (dot) com.