Courses, schools, workshops, conferences, talks (together with notes and videos if any)

IMSc maths outreach activities page including a link to the archives

Review, via graded exercises, of separation axioms and Uryshon's metrizability theorem: Notes supplementing lectures in the Science Academies's Refresher Course on Topology at RIASM, May 7--11, 2018.

Methods of linear algebra in combinatorics: Notes supplementing three lectures at IMSc, Nov 27 -- 2 Dec, 2017.

ATMW on Schubert varieties (one of the Workshops of NCM), IMSc, 23 Oct -- 04 Nov, 2017.

AIS on Representation theory (one of the Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS) of NCM), CMI, 12 June -- 01 July, 2017.

Real symmetric positive definite matrices: Notes supplementing (part of the) lectures at IIT Gandhinagar, July 2017.

Notes on groups and group actions (for IGNOU): Draft notes for two units of an algebra course at IGNOU

Witt's proof that a finite division ring is a field: Notes supplementing lectures at Sarada College for Womean, Salem, in December 2016.

The line of best fit: Notes on orthogonal projections and the line of least squares.

The number of real roots of a real polynomial: Notes of a lecture to school maths teachers on Sturm's theorem

Probability and Representation Theory (one of the ATM workshops of NCM), IMSc Chennai, 7--12 March 2016

Does there exist a perfect odd number?: example of a simply stated open problem in mathematics; notes of a lecture given to school children (class XI and below)

Topology I, core course at IMSc Aug--Nov 2015

Some material from the Advanced Instructional School in Commutative Algebra (one of the ATM Schools of NCM), CMI, December 2015

Annual Foundational School-II (one of the ATM Schools of NCM), IISER Thiruvananthapuram, May--June 2015

An application of linear algebra to networks: notes of a lecture given at VIT, Chennai, on 16th April 2015

Lie algebras and their representations: Course, August--November, 2014.

Linear algebra: Notes of lectures given at Erode and RIASM (latest revision May 2014)

Annual Foundational School-II (one of the ATM Schools of NCM), CEMS Almora, May 1--28, 2014

Algebra II (core course), Jan--May, IMSc, 2014

Soergel bimodules and Kazhdan-Lustig theory lecture course by Ben Elias at IMSc, during 20 Jan -- 03 Feb, 2014.

Videos of lecture course on An introduction to Intersection Theory by Barbara Fantechi at IMSc and CMI, January 2014.

Linear Algebraic Groups: an introductory course Aug--Dec 2013, at IMSc

Modular representations of algebraic groups: a course of six lectures by Professor Peter Fiebig at IMSc, Oct 6--19 2013.

Partial fractions: Notes of a lecture on partial fractions given at IMSc on 30 Sep 2013 at the programme Enriching Mathematics Education for high school mathematics teachers. Video of the lecture (and other lectures in that programme).

Quadratic fields: Notes (in the form of slides) for part of the lectures given (jointly with D.S.Nagaraj) on "Quadratic fields: an introduction to number theory" at the University of Mysore, August 22--24, 2013. These notes are preliminary notes.

Multiplicative arithmetic functions: Slides of a talk given at Sankara School on 12th August 2013 (topic: some multiplicative arithmetical functions; an invitation to number theory). Audience: higher secondary school students.

Cohomological finite generation: Lecture course by Professor Wilberd van der Kallen to IMSc, June--Aug 2013.

Notes of lectures given at HRI during AIS December 2012 (based on Bourbaki's Algebra Chapter V): separable algebras; separability and differentials (partial).

Ruler and compass constructions: Notes of a lecture at IMSc given on 11 Aug 2012. Audience: Higher secondary school mathematics teachers. Slides of a talk given at CMI on 29th July 2013 on the same topic. Audience: high school students.

Symmetric functions: Notes (partial) of two introductory lectures given at IMSc in August 2012 in the Representation Theory Seminar.

Group actions (with applications to group theory): Notes of lectures at the University of Mysore, 30 July--01 Aug, 2012. Audience: 2nd year MSc mathematics students.

Representation theory: A course for IMSc summer interns, 01--15 June 2012

Lie Algebras (Advanced Instructional School): CMI, 04--23 July 2011

Lie Algebras: Elective course, IMSc, Sep--Dec 2010

Representation Theory (Advanced Instructional School): ISI Bangalore, June 2010

Representation Theory (Elective course): IMSc, Aug-Nov 2009

Real semisimple Lie groups: Course by R. Parthasarathy, IMSc, Aug-Dec 2004