Advanced Training in Mathematics
Workshop on Schubert Varieties

The Insitute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)   23 Oct -- 04 Nov, 2017

Organizers: Sudhir Ghorpade (IIT Bombay), K. N. Raghavan (IMSc),

Speakers: (listed, as is customary in mathematics literature, by alphabetical order on last name): Sudhir Ghorpade (IIT Bombay), Amritanshu Prasad (IMSc), K. N. Raghavan (IMSc), Vijay Ravikumar (CMI), Parameswaran Sankaran (IMSc) Evgeny Smirnov (HSE, Moscow) Sankaran Viswanath (IMSc)

Details of the academic programme, including timetable.

Link to notes by Amritanshu Prasad.

Link to some notes (alpha version) by K N Raghavan.

Vijay Ravikumar: Homework 1, Homework 2, Homework 3, Homework 4, The strong Bruhat order on S4 (symmetric group on 4 letters), Bruhat order and Schubert polynomials in S4 (symmetric group on 4 letters).

Link to some notes by Evgeny Smirnov.

Sankaran Viswanath: Problem Set 1, Problem Set 2.

Links to video recording of Evgeny Smirnov's colloquium talk on "Schubert Calculus and Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes": on Ekalavya, on youtube.

Photo link.