Enriching Collegiate Education 2015
Workshop for college and university mathematics teachers
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)

This three day workshop was aimed at college and university mathematics teachers. It emphasized problem solving. On each of the three days, there were four interactive sessions, each of 75 minutes duration.


The names of speakers (all of IMSc) and the corresponding topics:

Eighty nine (89) teachers from various colleges and universities participated. (The organizers were hoping for an even better turn out since there were over 150 online registrations.) Most participants were from the vicinity of Chennai, which is not surprising since no help regarding accommodation was offered by the organizers. The hassle of accommodation notwithstanding, there was considerable participation from distant places: the rest of Tamilnadu (26), Andhra and Telangana (05), Kerala (2), Karnataka (1), and even Maharashtra (1).

Pictures from the workshop

The workshop was free: no fee of any kind was charged. Lunch, snacks, and beverages were provided to all bonafide participants free of cost. A per diem of Rs. 100 was also paid to all participants, to help defray cost of local travel.

This workshop has now run for three consecutive years (since 2013). Information on upcoming maths outreach programmes of IMSc maybe found here. For archives of some of the past math outreach programmes of IMSc---including videos, slides, and notes of lectures---follow the links on this page.

Organizers: K N Raghavan knr-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   K Srinivas srini-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   Sankaran Viswanath svis-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in