Getting to IMSc

Welcome to Chennai neé Madras, and to IMSc, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Here is some information on getting to the Institute. Our address and phone numbers are

Telephone Numbers

Here are some maps to give you a rough idea of the layout of Madras and the area around the Institute.

* A simplified schematic map of Madras, showing the major roads and Hotels and marking the area in which the CIT Campus is located.
o A postscript version of this figure if you want to download it to print at your end.
* A detailed Madras map.
o A gzipped postscript version of this figure
o A schenatic map of the location of IMSc within CIT Campus and its environs
* Detailed map of the location of IMSc within CIT Campus and other landmarks in the Greater Adyar area.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences is located in a campus-like area variously known as the ``CIT Campus'' or the ``CPT Campus''. Many people in Madras may not have heard of the Institute, but almost everyone would have heard of the M.G.R. Film City and Tidel Park which are further down in the same campus area. IMSc has two complexes. One houses the main Institute building, the library building and the new building. The other has the students' hostel and Guest House. These two complexes are across the road from each other.


Sep 21 - Room 326 - Formal group and elliptic curve by Biplab Paul
Sep 21 - Hall 123 - Pheno Journal Club by Pheno Journal Club
Sep 21 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Internet of Things and AI Planning by Swarup Mohalik
Sep 21 - Ramanujan Auditorium - The work of Donald Knuth by Venkatesh Raman
Sep 22 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Ultra long DNA sequence reads from the mobile nanopore sequencers: computational challenges in error correction, assembly and alignment by Raja Mugasimangalam
Sep 22 - Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall - Breakout session: Nanopore sequencing by Raja Mugasimangalam

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