Aspects of Gene and Cellular Regulation

January 12-13, 2018


The computational biology group at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, is organising a short, informal meeting on "Aspects of Gene and Cellular Regulation" on January 12 and 13, 2018.

Venue: Chandrasekhar Hall, first floor of main institute building (enter through the portico in the photo above, and take the stairs behind the reception)


Tentative schedule of talks+posters:

Friday, January 12, 2018
09:30 Sridhar Hannenhalli (University of Maryland, College Park / IISc, Bengaluru)Contextual inference of gene function (abstract)
10:00Farhan Ali (NCBS, Bengaluru)Diversity of Transcription Factors in Escherichia coli (abstract)
10:30Nagasuma Chandra (IISc, Bengaluru) Strategic 'control' points in pathways and exploring their potential as drug targets
11:15Rohit Suratekar (NCBS, Bengaluru)Evidence of sinks and sources in the PLC activated PIP2 cycle (abstract)
11:40Akshit Goyal (NCBS, Bengaluru)Cross-feeding: a productivity hack for metabolic networks
12:05Dibyendu Dutta (IIT Bombay)Modelling Microbial Cells as Stochastic Enzyme Cascades (abstract)
12:30Swagatika Sahoo (IIT Madras)Predicting the role of diet and gut bacteria in Autism
13:00Lunch (venue: institute canteen, 1st floor)
14:00 Leelavati Narlikar (CSIR-NCL, Pune)Learning diverse regulatory programs from biochemically active DNA regions
14:30Sucheta Gokhale (CSIR-NCL, Pune)Exploring the functional aspects of mammalian promoter architectures
15:00Dolly Mehta (NCBS, Bengaluru)RNA secondary structure predictions using covariance models (abstract)
15:30Poster session and tea/coffee
16:30 Hiyaa Ghosh (NCBS, Bengaluru) Inside the mammalian brain: of the old and the new neurons
17:00Divya Tej Sowpati (CCMB, Hyderabad)Mysterious, taxon-specific enrichment bias of Simple Sequence Repeats (abstract)
17:30 Rakesh Mishra (CCMB, Hyderabad)Elements of gene regulatory mechanisms: genomic and epigenomic perspective (abstract)
19:00Dinner (venue: institute canteen, 1st floor)
Saturday, January 13, 2018
09:15Krishanpal Karmodiya (IISER, Pune)Plasmodium falciparum epigenome: A distinct dynamic epigenetic regulation of gene expression (abstract)
09:45Rajalakshmi S (INSTEM, Bengaluru)Deciphering amino acid starvation responses using yeast (abstract)
10:15Sreenivasulu Kurukuti (University of Hyderabad)Dynamic reorganization of intra-chromosomal domains accompanies signal induced lactogenic differentiation of mouse mammary epithelial cells (abstract)
10:45Ranjith Padinhateeri (IIT Bombay)Nucleosome organization, DNA-bending proteins and chromatin assembly (abstract)
11:30 Dimple Notani (NCBS, Bengaluru)Role of Transcriptional enhancers in chromatin organization (abstract)
12:00Savita Chib (NCBS, Bengaluru)Genetics of adaptation in E. coli: A "tail" of stationary-phase sigma factor RpoS
12:30Rahul Siddharthan (IMSc, Chennai)Extended sequence features in DNA (abstract)
13:00Lunch (venue: institute canteen, 1st floor)
POSTERS (January 12, 15:30-16:30)
Ankit Agrawal (IMSc, Chennai)A Computational Model of Large-scale Nuclear Architecture
M Karthikeyan, B S Karthikeyan (IMSc, Chennai)IMPPAT: A curated database of Indian Medicinal Plants, Phytochemistry And Therapeutics
Soumen Khan (IISER, Pune)Transcription factor signatures and their role in Ultrabithorax mediated Haltere specification in Drosophila
Pradeep Natarajan, Saransh Umale (IIT Madras)
R P Vivek-Ananth (IMSc, Chennai)Comparative systems analysis of the secretome of the opportunistic pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus and other Aspergillus species

If you would like to participate, please send an email to rsidd at imsc dot res dot in.
Please check back for updates.

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