Aspects of Gene Regulation

December 16, 2014


The computational biology group at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, is organising a short, informal seminar on "Aspects of Gene Regulation" on December 16, 2014.

Venue: Chandrasekhar Hall, first floor of main building of IMSc (take the stairs behind the reception desk).



10:00  Gautam Menon, IMSc Chennai  A Quantitative Model of Large-scale Nuclear Architectureabstract
10:40  Mukund Thattai, NCBS Bangalore  A glimpse of ancient eukaryotesabstract
11:20  Coffee
11:40  Avantika Lal, NCBS Bangalore  Regulation of RNA polymerase throughout the growth of E.coli abstract
12:20  Areejit Samal, IMSc Chennai  Reconstruction and systems analysis of plant cell wall deconstruction network in filamentous fungus Neurospora crassaabstract
13:00  Lunch
14:00  Sandeep Krishna, NCBS Bangalore  Mechanical interference of transcription by polymerasesabstract
14:40  Supreet Saini, IIT Bombay  Transcriptional interference as a mechanism to control gene expressionabstract
15:20  Karthik Raman, IIT Madras   FAST-SL: An efficient algorithm to identify synthetic reaction/gene sets in metabolic networksabstract
16:00  Coffee
16:30  Dasaradhi Palakodeti, INSTEM Bangalore  Dissecting the role of miRNAs in planarian regeneration abstract
17:20  Rahul Siddharthan, IMSc ChennaiCharacterising transcription factor binding sites as Bayesian networksabstract