Nag Lecture 2014

The 12th edition of Nag Lectures will be delivered by Professor Samir D. Mathur of The Ohio State University (USA) during 27th - 31st January 2014 at IMSc. The poster of the Subhashis Nag Memorial Endowment Lecture 2014 may be found here. The schedule for the rest of the Nag Lectures can be found here.

Hawking's puzzle:The black hole information paradox

Date & time Friday, 31st January, 2014 at 16:00 hrs


Some 40 years ago, Stephen Hawking showed that there was a fundamental conflict between the two main pillars of modern physics: general relativity and quantum mechanics. General relativity allows the formation of a black hole, but the subsequent evolution of the hole appears to violate the basic principles of quantum mechanics. In recent years string theory has provided a resolution to this puzzle. It turns out that quantum gravity effects modify the entire structure of the hole, turning it into a quantum 'fuzzball'. In this talk we will explain Hawking's puzzle, outline some arguments and counter arguments that were made, and present a summary of the fuzzball resolution.