Mathematics workshop for students of classes XI and XII
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)

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This is an annual event aimed at students of classes XI and XII.

The 2014 edition featured four one-hour talks by Professors Amritanshu Prasad (IMSc), B V Rao (CMI), Arindama Singh (IIT), and Kotyada Srinivas (IMSc). For the titles and abstracts of the talks, please click on the "Timetable" link above. Videos of all the talks are available (see the link above).

There was also a written quiz towards the end of the day, the purpose of which was not at all to 'test' or 'grade' the participating students but only to incentivize them to pay close attention to the talks. Thus the quiz was 'open notes' and based on the material covered in the talks. Participants were encouraged to listen attentively, take notes, and clear their doubts by asking questions. Books were distributed as prizes to the top thirteen scorers on the quiz. The quiz paper is here. The solutions are here.

The workshop was free. No fee of any kind was charged. Lunch, snacks, and beverages were provided free of cost to all participants.

Schools were invited to nominate up to five students each to participate in the workshop. Each participating school was optionally allowed to send a maths teacher as escort. The original form on this web page announcing the workshop is here.

We thank the schools for their participation and look forward to their continued support for future outreach efforts of IMSc.

The report (including videos and notes of lectures) of last year's workshop is here.
Links to some of the other maths outreach activities of IMSc (past, present, and future) maybe found here.

Explanation of the title: The title is an allusion to the famous quote "Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety nine per cent perspiration", attributed to Edison. The workshop is an attempt to provide a bit of inspiration. For any inspiration to have effect, it must be backed up by a lot of hard work ("ninety nine per cent perspiration"), which message we hope is not lost on the participants.

Organizers: K N Raghavan knr-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   K Srinivas srini-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   Sankaran Viswanath svis-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in