Enriching Mathematics Education 2014
2-day workshop for mathematics teachers of classes XI and XII
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)

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This 2-day workshop was aimed at mathematics teachers of classes XI and XII.

The goal of this series of annual workshops: This was the third year running that such a workshop was held. The broad goal of this series of workshops is to bring research mathematicians and school teachers together in an effort to enrich mathematics education in schools. (You will recall that IMSc is primarily a research institute.) Typical activities include lectures on school level mathematics from alternate perspectives, talks on pedagogy, and discussions related to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

List of Speakers (all of IMSc): Meena Mahajan, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Kotyada Srinivas, Sankaran Viswanath

Notes on permutations and combinations, by Viswanath.

Discussion Hour: A discussion session was held on Friday 17th afternoon, to address specific questions / problems suggested by teachers. Chair for the discussion hour: Parameswaran Sankaran (IMSc)

The workshop was free. Lunch and snacks were provided to all participants free of cost. A small travel allowance was also paid. Certificates of participation were issued.

Nominations for participation were invited from school heads. The announcement about how to nominate is here. Nearly 100 teachers representing 40 schools participated in the programme. There were also some "independent" participants not affiliated to any school.

Organizers: K N Raghavan knr-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   K Srinivas srini-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in,   Sankaran Viswanath svis-at-imsc-dot-res-dot-in