(Note: "source" indicates latex/revtex with eps figures, in .gz or .tar.gz format; "ps" indicates gzipped postscript; "arXiv" indicates the abstract page from the arXiv.org archive, from where also many of these can be downloaded.)

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  • A study of harmonic overtones in Indian drums
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    (pdf, 2 MB, scanned page images)


  • What we can learn from the inter-academy report
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  • The case of the Padmanaban Committee
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  • Music, mathematics and Bach
    Rahul Siddharthan, Resonance, March and May 1999
    (source ) (ps)

  • Exchange and sign-change: The Pauli exclusion principle
    Rahul Siddharthan, Resonance, April 1999
    (source ) (ps)

  • The Uncertainty Principle for dummies
    Rahul Siddharthan, Resonance, February 1999
    (source ) (ps)