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Venkatesh Raman's Photo Venkatesh Raman
Theoretical Computer Science
Institute of Mathematical Sciences

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Research Interests

Data Structures and Algorithms
More specifically: Parameterized complexity, Graph Algorithms, Space Efficient Data Structures and Algorithms

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Edited Conference Proceedings and Journal Special Issues

Selected Publications (full list can be obtained from DBLP) in  Data StructuresParameterized and Exact Computation,   Selection and Sorting and  Satisfiability .

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Students Advised

PhD Students (Past)
Srinivasa Rao Satti
Thesis : Succinct Data Structures (2002)
Saket Saurabh
Thesis: Exact Algorithms for Optimization and Parameterized Versions of some graph theoretic problems (2008)
Somnath Sikdar
Thesis: Parameterizing from the extremes -- feasible parameterizations of some NP hard Optimization Problems (June 2010)
Geevarghese Philip
Thesis: The kernelization complexity of some domination and covering problems (September 2011)
Neeldhara Misra (jointly supervised with Saket Saurabh)
Thesis: Kernels for the F-Deletion problem (September 2011)
Varun Kumar Jayapaul (Chennai Mathematical Institute)
Thesis: Sorting and Selection in Restricted Models of Computation (defended December 26, 2017)
Sankardeep Chakraborty
Thesis: Space Efficient Graph Algorithms (defended on March 16, 2018)
Diptapriyo Majumdar
Thesis: Classical and Approximate Kernels for structural parameterizations of some graph parameters (defended on October 1, 2018)
Pratibha Choudhary (IIT Jodhpur) (jointly supervised with Aritra Banik)
Thesis: Parameterized Complexity of Tracking Paths (defended on March 18, 2021)
PhD Students (Current)
Niranka Banerjee
Ashwin Jacob
Arindam Biswas
Master's Students

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Professional Activities

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Advanced Data Structures Course, Jan 2012

Lecture Notes

Some very basic introductory notes on Algorithm Design and Analysis (aimed at college teachers and students) [pdf]

Personal Information

Brief Resume [pdf]