Master's students advised

S V Nagaraj
Thesis : Optimal Binary Search Trees
April 1994
S Srinivasa Rao
Thesis : A survey of Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Satisfiability Problem
April 1997
G Srinivasan (Anna University)
Thesis : Self Adjusting Binary Search Trees
May 1998
V Reemus Kumar (Madurai Kamaraj University)
Thesis : Implicit Data Structures for Multikey Search Problem and implementing Rank and Select in a Bit vector
May 2002
R Ramani (REC Trichy)
Thesis : Implementation of Rank and Select and other succinct strutures
June 2003
Geevarghese Philip
Thesis: Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Graph Problems Using Graph Minor Theory
April 2008
Neeldhara Misra
Thesis: Infeasibility of Polynomial Kernelization
April 2009
Varun Kumar Jayapal (Chennai Mathematical Institute)
Thesis: Finding and Maintaining medians under various constraints
July 2013
Abhishek H. Dang (Chennai Mathematical Institute)
Thesis: Lower bound techniques for dynamic data structures
July 2013