Rahul Siddharthan


06 April 2017 I finally got rid of my old, very out-of-date page. The new one will be constructed slowly.

Welcome. I am a member of the computational biology group at Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India.

Main interests: Regulatory genomics, chromatin, chromosomes, centromeres, evolution, next-gen sequencing, etc.

My publications/e-prints (via Google Scholar)


NEW THiCweed: fast motif-finding in ChIP-seq data by clustering peaks

Sigma2: aligning non-coding DNA

PhyloGibbs and PhyloGibbs-MP: ab-initio Gibbs-sampling motif-finders that take account of phylogeny


I have organised or co-organised a few mini-meetings over the years at IMSc, listed below:

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