NBHM Scholarship Schemes 2024
Official FAQ

This FAQ deliberately employs a conversational tone. All statements made here are provisional. They are meant only as guideposts to authentic sources of information (such as the advertisement). Any assertion they make or imply must be treated as tentative, pending confirmation from an authentic source.

In what follows:

Recent Questions

Given that DST has recently enhanced the monthly stipends for its research fellowships, is there any corresponding increase in the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship stipend amounts?

Questions specific to the test and subsequent interview

Is any support (e.g., reimbursement of expenses) available from NBHM for travel or stay towards taking the written test?

What are the cut-off scores for the interview shortlists (Master's / Doctoral) this year?

Is the cut-off score for the interview dependent upon the zone or uniform throughout the country?

Is there a syllabus for the test / subsequent interview?

While reading the advertisement, I noted that the test will have questions from advanced topics. What does "advanced topics" mean? Will they include topics like algebraic topology, functional analysis, algebraic number theory, representation theory?

I want to know about the style of the NBHM Written Test this year. The number of sections in the test has been varying over the last few years. How can I prepare for this year's test? How many sections will it have?

Can I appear for the test more than once? That is, can I appear for the test this year and for it again next year?

How exactly do HRI, IMSc, IISERs (Berhampur, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvanthapuram), KSoM, and NISER use the NBHM test scores for purposes of admission to their PhD and Integrated PhD programmes?

Does any institution other than IISERs (Berhampur, Mohali, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram), NISER, IMSc, HRI, KSoM accept the NBHM test score for admission to its PhD / Integrated PhD programmes?

Questions about the NBHM Scholarship Schemes

Note: Lest the answers given below on eligibility be misinterpreted, let us mention once and for all here that qualification in the test and subsequent interview is a precondition for grant of the NBHM scholarships.

Can I qualify for the NBHM Scholarship this year but defer availing it until next year or later?

I was selected for the NBHM (Doctoral / Master's) Scholarship last year (or some years ago) but opted not to receive it. Am I eligible for selection this year?

I am in the second year of a PhD programme in Mathematics. Am I eligible for the Doctoral Scholarship? Can I appear for the test?

I am pursuing an MSc (Mathematics) degree and am currently in the 2nd year. Would it make sense for me to apply for both the Master's and Doctoral Scholarships?

Can I avail the NBHM Scholarship while enrolled in a part-time (not full-time) programme?

I am enrolled in an integrated PhD programme "in Mathematics" which leads on the way to a master's degree. Am I eligible for the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship?

Can I get the scholarship while enrolled in a Master's / PhD programme in Mathematical Finance?

I am enrolled in a 2-year "Mathematics and Computing" Master's programme. Am I eligible for the Master's Scholarship?

I want to do research in cryptology for my PhD. Can I avail the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship in pursuit of that goal?

I plan to join a PhD programme in Applied Mathematics for the next academic year. But my academic record is not uniformly good. For instance, I have not consistently scored above 60% in my bachelor's. Would that affect my chances of being granted the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship?

I have a bachelor's degree in Physics / Engineering but want to join a Master's programme "in Mathematics" for the next academic year. Am I eligible for selection for the NBHM Master's Scholarship?

Can I simultaneously hold a CSIR-UGC NET Scholarship as well as a NBHM Doctoral Scholarship?

Suppose I get selected for the NBHM Doctoral Scholarship. Can I use that to secure admission to some PhD programme in Mathematics?