Teacher's Enrichment Workshop (May 2017 at IMSc)
A week-long workshop for mathematics teachers of Arts & Science colleges
Sponsored by the National Centre for Mathematics (NCM)
Co-sponsored and hosted by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)
under its "Enriching Collegiate Education" series of workshops

Dates: Monday to Saturday, 22nd to 27th may 2017             Venue: Chandrasekhar Hall, IMSc, Chennai         schedule (actual)

The context: The broad goal of IMSc's Enriching Collegiate Education series of workshops is to bring research mathematicians and college teachers together in an effort to enrich mathematics education in colleges. It is noteworthy in this context that IMSc is primarily a research institute. This particular workshop was held as a Teacher's Enrichment Workshop, one of a series sponsored by the NCM.

This week-long workshop was aimed at mathematics teachers in Arts & Science colleges, to enable them to revisit and update content knowledge. The lectures covered some particular topics (see below). Discussion hours offered opportunities to get doubts cleared and work out exercises (both routine and advanced).

List of speakers (all of IMSc) and topics :

Participation: About 65 participants were selected from nearly 200 applicants. The total number of actual participants was 56.