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Fri, 26 Feb 1999

How are academics to be evaluated?

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The academic body will strive to create, maintain and enhance
a facility for the study and teaching of the mathematical sciences.

1. More generally, to further the understanding of such sciences
in the larger community.
2. More generally, to further the adoption of mathematical and
rational approaches in the study of diverse problems.

All activities other than those directly bearing on the above
shall be considered to be for the benefit/gratification of the
individual(s) concerned; *even* though these may indirectly help
in the above aims.

Hence, the following activities *are* part of the duties of the
academic body:
a. Giving lecture course for students.
b. Reading journals/books and developing the library.
c. Writing/discussing/lecturing about science and related
matters in public fora.
d. Organising conferences/journals/discussion meetings.

The following are *not* part of the *duties* of the academic body:
i. Writing research papers.
ii. Attending conferences.
iii. Applying for and obtaining research grants.

The above may sound paradoxical, especially since the promotion and
other awards made to members of the academic body are usually decided
on the basis of criteria depending on (i-iii).

However, this is not surprising if one considers:

No one gets promoted for doing her/his job. One gets
promoted for doing something beyond the call of duty.

Wed, 03 Feb 1999

Uses for IMSc Computers


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