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Sat, 22 Nov 1997

Letter to Young World

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Stat-Math Unit
8th Mile, Mysore Road
R. V. College Post
Bangalore 560 059

November 22, 1997

The Editor
"Young World" supplement
The Hindu
Messrs. Kasturi & Sons
Madras 600 002

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been rather disturbing to read the column "Forsaken Friends"
that has been appearing in "Young World" for the last month or
more. The views in this column can only be described as extremist.
It is doubtless true that:

1. The breeding of animals and the cultivation of plants needs to
be done in a more ecologically sustainable way.

2. That Man has adopted cruel ways in dealing with all animals
(including humans).

3. A diet that consists largely of foods that come lower in the food
chain (like meat, fish etc.) is unhealthy.

That children need to learn this to create a better world as they
grow is again incontestable. What is dubious is that this can be
achieved by taking an extreme position whereby a majority of the earth's
population (just take all the Chinese who are non-vegetarians) would
stand condemned.

It is very important to convey to children (and adults!) the need for
dialogue and debate on issues so that alternative means of survival
and livelihood can be found for those engaged in activities that are
contrary to ones' ideology. Extremism ought to have no place in such
a scheme.

Yours sincerely,

K. H. Paranjape

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