Who am I ?

firefox-gray I am Himadri Barman, a theoretical physicist, presently a post-doctoral research fellow in The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai.

I am particularly interested in studying properties of the strongly correlated electron systems (SCES). In the SCES, the potential energy due to electron-electron interaction or correlation is comparable to or much larger than the kinetic energy. In many transition metal oxides and rare-earth compounds, even in graphene and polymers, electronic correlation effect has been found to play crucial role behind their physical properties. Non-equilibrium physics, roles of disorders, and quantum phase transitions also draw my attention.

Solving an interacting electron systems in solid states is a many-body problem and is still an open challenge. However, using the dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) we have become successful to capture some of the essential physics in a lattice model (e.g. Mott transition in Hubbard model). DMFT minimizes the many-body problem by mapping the lattice model to a single-impurity model. I have used the local moment approach (LMA) and the iterated perturbation theory (IPT) as approximate solvers of the impurity problem.

Presently I am working on the extension of DMFT method for a generic multiorbital and multi-site (cluster) Hamiltonian and also the Hamiltonians that show properties of topologically protected states.

Contact address

Room No 308, New Building
Institute of Mathematical Sciences
(Autonomous Institution under DAE, Govt. of India)
IV Cross Road, CIT Campus
Chennai 600 113
Tamil Nadu, India.
Telephone: 91-44-2254-3308
email: hbar@imsc.res.in

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