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Sat, 14 Nov 2015

Public Key Transition

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Since 1024-bit keys are probably no longer safe and a number of other reasons, I've recently set up a new OpenPGP key, and will be transitioning away from my old one.

The old key will continue to be valid for some time, but I prefer all future correspondence to come to the new one. I would also like this new key to be re-integrated into the web of trust. This message is signed by both keys to certify the transition.

the old key was:

pub   1024D/5416E5B8 2004-10-13
      Key fingerprint = F160 CBB9 03C8 425D 4BBA  79F4 491F 8FDA 5416 E5B8

And the new key is:

pub   4096R/3A748810 2015-11-14
      Key fingerprint = 38AB 0F8E FBFB 40A8 7E6C  897A 68B6 06CC 3A74 8810

To fetch the full key (including a photo uid, which is commonly stripped by public keyservers), you can get it with:

wget -q -O- | gpg --import -

Or, to fetch my new key from a public key server, you can simply do:

gpg --keyserver --recv-key 3A748810

If you already know my old key, you can now verify that the new key is signed by the old one:

gpg --check-sigs 3A748810

If you don't already know my old key, or you just want to be double extra paranoid, you can check the fingerprint against the one above:

gpg --fingerprint 3A748810

If you are satisfied that you've got the right key, and the UIDs match what you expect, I'd appreciate it if you would sign my key:

gpg --sign-key 3A748810

Lastly, if you could upload these signatures, i would appreciate it. You can either send me an e-mail with the new signatures (if you have a functional MTA on your system):

gpg --armor --export 3A748810| mail -s 'OpenPGP Signatures' 

Or you can just upload the signatures to a public keyserver directly:

gpg --keyserver --send-key 3A748810

Please let me know if there is any trouble, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Tue, 22 Sep 2015

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