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Tue, 27 Nov 2007

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Why IMSc eprints?

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Many people asked why the open access guidelines require the availability of the publication from the IMSc web site.

  1. The publications of the IMSc form the recognisable core of its output and this is recorded by our annual report.

  2. This output (which may be considered as an appendix to the annual report) should be available to anyone who requests any part of it.1

  3. Since the work being talked about is being published in other fora we cannot really claim that the work is "secret".

  4. We need to ensure long-term availability of the work from a location that can be identified with the IMSc. Traditionally it could have been the IMSc library alone; nowadays the IMSc web site would be equally important.

  5. None of this precludes the publication of the work in any other form or medium so that no freedom of the author(s) is being encroached upon.

So what is being asked for is:

  1. Every publication of the IMSc should be available in definitive form from a URL of the form
  2. The author(s) of such a publication will give IMSc a license in perpetuity to make this data available freely (as in mufta or without cost).

  1. Under the Right To Information Act this may even be a legal requirement but I am not a lawyer!


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