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Thu, 01 Feb 2007

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Point-less SPAM?

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I was just wondering if someone has thought about what the intent is behind SPAM messages which only contain some mish-mash text. The qualifying criteria to identify such spam are:

  1. Only text without attachments.
  2. Text that contains incoherent sentences or disconnected sentences.1
  3. Messages from addresses definitely not known to the recipient.2

Here are some possiblities that occured to me.

A. These are messages that are designed to test/mar the efficiency of the spam detection systems currently employed by servers.

B. These messages contain coded messages that are flooded across the internet in an attempt to disguise their true origin/destination. The real message could be short one such as "the machine from which this has been sent has serious security holes".

C. This is generated for someone's research project.

D. This is the result of some spam generating software/virus which has bugs.

I don't know if this is worth wondering about ... except ... why is someone going to some trouble to make (a program which is making) life difficult for everyone?

  1. Clearly (2) is subjective which makes such spam hard to detect automatically.

  2. This is to exclude e-mail messages written by friends who are not quite sober at the time of writing :-)


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