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Mon, 04 Dec 2006

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Using a Moto Razr

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I just got a Razr V3 recently and had a number of difficulties with setting it up using Linux. For what it is worth here are my experiences. (Note that the V3i is an entirely different beast!)

  1. The USB cable. This works with the recent(?) cdc-acm driver as a serial device (/dev/ttyACM0 for me). It cannot be used as a USB-storage device and mounted---worse luck.

    1. It doesn't work too well with "gammu". It seems that Motorola changed the AT+Cxxx command sequence "a bit". What you *can* do is download the phonebook with "--backup" but this is only for local storage since re-upload fails.

    2. "moto4lin" is a Qt-based program that works fine for editing the filesystem (up/down loading photos/music etc but not the phonebook!). It can also edit the "SEEM" which looks dangerous so I haven't tried it yet. You can also upload Java applications but I haven't done that either.

  2. Bluetooth. This need a firmware upgrade (I was within the warranty period when I asked for one so it was free) to R374_G_0E.42.10R_A (at least; I noticed somewhere that _B,_C, etc are available). Even after this it was not entirely smooth sailing.

    1. Bluetooth connects with bluez-utils. It was a bit tricky for me (=command-line-type!). This needed a file /var/lib/bluetooth/<local_address>/pincodes containing entries like

                	<phone_address> 12345678

      The 12345678 is the "initial shared secret" used between your phone and the computer. The file can be deleted after establishing a connection the first time.

    2. "obexftp" and "obexfs" can be used to access all the audio/pictures/video that you create (but not the others; you need "moto4lin" for that). However, this leads to corrupt {down,up}loads. The situation was worse with a Mac that Sudeshna uses.

    3. "obexpushd" and "ussp-push" are inherently less secure programs and are difficult to "batchify" but those are the ones that currently work for me to download and upload files without corruption.

    4. "gammu" with "bluerfat" (which is AT commands over RFCOMM) work fine for the phonebook. This is because the phone seems to use standard AT+Cxxx commands over this interface---wierd that it doesn't over the cable! I am able to edit the phone book and even use my computer keyboard as a remote keyboard instead of the phone keyboard. Can't access multimedia data over this interface though.

  3. Still to try (but will not try soon since I've already wasted two weeks on this!).

    1. Haven't yet tried to connect to the net using the phone. In principle, the difficulty here is not with the phone but with the service providers instructions---I still haven't managed to decode them---Indlish anyone?

    2. Haven't yet tried to unlock the pre-installed "Web sessions". This can be done by editing the SEEM according to various web sites. It doesn't have to be done yet since I am able to edit everything except the name of these sessions. That is enough to use the phone browser to "browse the web".

    3. Install Java applications and get them to work. I created some room by deleted all those keyboard damaging games that were installed but haven't got further than that.

    4. Re-write "moto4lin" as a command-line program. Why should one need to use Qt for a task like this?


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