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Mon, 17 Mar 2003

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Capital problem

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Benjamin A. Okopnik wrote:

The "Caps lock" light is one of the things I glance at whenever I fat-finger a password. How do I know this you ask? Happened to me, erm, we'll just call it once. :)

Had a mysterious capitalisation problem once while trying to login...

Whenever I logged in remotely I succeeded but failed with "wrong password" whenever I tried at the console.

Turned out the right-hand-side shift key was dead! How did I find out? Well, after struggling for a while I typed in my password one finger style---and used the left-shift-key while typing slowly---so I managed to login. Then when I started to do some "real" work I noticed the keyboard problem.

Moral: Never let people play shoot-em games from the console. They ruin the shift keys!

Immoral: Don't have capitals in your password!

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