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Thu, 04 May 2006

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There's many a SLP between the CUPS and the lp

lg, printing [link] [comments ()] [raw]

Specifically, I think it is for the lack of the second part that clumps of hair can be found on the floor...

Scene: Printer is sitting surrounded by an amazon forest's worth of paper while L. User is calmly watching this and System Administrator (who is also a member of "Friends of the Earth" and has contributed to the aforementioned clumps of hair) is dancing around in apoplectic rage.

System Administrator: Why didn't you cancel this print job? The printer has printed one line of garbage on each of a 100 pages!

L. User: Courtesy.

System Administrator: What?

L. User: Well! You know! I saw at once that it wasn't my print job but I didn't want to stop it in case someone else wanted to print this stuff.

System Administrator: Do you seriously believe that anyone would want this stuff?

L. User: Actually, I would have liked to stop it but your instructions (points to the wall where instructions to cancel jobs are printed) are just too complicated.

System Administrator: All it needs is for you to press "Offline-1-2-3-4-Enter"! Anyway, how did you decide that it is not your print job?

L. User: Hunh! I gave it an article to print not this junk!

System Administrator: (visibly controlling his temper) Could you please show me how you did that?

The two remove off to L. User's office and look at the monitor on L. User's desktop where a terminal window is displaying the command:

lpr article.pdf

There is a moment of silent comtemplation before System Administrator repairs to his office to read part two of Ben's article while L. User silently complains about how nothing works from the command-line/Linux.


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