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Mon, 20 Mar 2006

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Some suggestions for the new hostel

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  1. Provision for putting ethernet cables near the location of the desk. We should expect that residents [1]_ will have computers.

  2. Provision of a wash-basin inside each room. I think this not difficult to install and/or manage and is essential for a bit of privacy.

  3. Provision of a pin-board near the desk of each room. This "saves" the walls as most people like to decorate the room as well as put up calendars/reminders.

  4. If there is no dryer (see 9) then there should be some mechanism for people to put up clothes to dry; perhaps this should be there anyway.

  5. A common Kitchen/Pantry where residents can cook meals for themselves even if they occupy "single" rooms.

  6. The plan should not be for building more than 3-4 floors else this would clash with the existing buildings in the area.

  7. Plan for a covered bycyle shed. The students should not need to take the bycycles into the building for safety.

  8. Insist on reasonable plinth height. This has been ignored in the old hostel and old guest house causing much grief.

  9. Energy conservation and eco-friendly measures such as

  1. separation of three water streams: flush, washing and drinking.

  2. Solar panels for water heating.

  3. Using natural light to the maximum extent possible for internal lighting.

  1. There should be drinking water dispenser(s), washing machine(s) and dryer(s); possibly in multiples. The area for these should be alloted in advance and prepared for these activities.

  2. I prefer the concept of a cafetaria to that of a mess. In the former case the costs would be marginally higher per meal but since it would be managed by the Institute the residents of the hostel would save time and energy. The cafetaria would be shared with other institute members.

(Some of the areas required, like for the bycycle shed, washing machines and so on need not be in the new building but we need to clearly indicate where in the older buildings this space will be and those rooms/areas should be prepared).

.. [1]

Insist on the term "residents" being used throughout instead of "students". The term "students" tends to evoke images of people who are not quite adults!


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