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Thu, 20 Oct 2005

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Increasing everyone's UID/GID

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We have long suffered due to the fact that the (too low!) uid/gid numbers that we originally assigned clash with those assigned to system services.

Here are the steps to increase the UID's and GID's of our users by 1000. There are 12 steps.

UID/GID transition

Planned switch-over Saturday 22nd October 2005.

  1. Send a mail today informing users of a shut-down for Saturday 10:30am to 11:30am.

  2. Check the enclosed passwd and group file conversion scripts today. These scripts should also change the ownership of files in /home/*.

  3. At 10:30am on Saturday shut down all NIS/NFS clients. This means all the Solaris machines, Linux machines in CC, pp3, access1, ns1 and ns2.

  4. At 10:35am on Saturday shut down banyan.

  5. At 10:40am on Saturday go to single user mode on kaveri.

  6. Run the passwd and group file conversion scripts on kaveri.

  7. Put kaveri in multi-user mode and check.

  8. Start banyan in single-user mode and start nis. Change ownership of files in /var/mail and /var/spool/crontab as appropriate.

  9. Put banyan in multi-user mode and check.

  10. Boot other Linux/Solaris machines and check.

  11. Boot access1, pp3 and check that web-based access is working.

  12. Boot ns1 and ns2 and check that mail is working in both directions.

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