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Tue, 23 Jan 2001

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Questions for IMSc users

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Those of you who are planning to attend the user's meeting this afternoon
may wish to look at the following questionnaire to decide on what you
want to say at that meeting.

Note that I am no longer a member of the computer committee and I am doing
this in my capacity as a user. Also please excuse the (admittedly feeble)
jokes in this questionnaire. I will be happy to receive mail regarding
questions that I have missed.

Have fun,



1. Hardware:

(I) Which machine do you most often login from?
Which machine do you most often login to?

a. Dont' know/Are the above two questions different?
b. Computer Rooms II&III (Main building)
(name of machine if you know it)
c. Computer Rooms (Library building)
(name of machine if you know it)
d. Office Desktop Machine

(II) Do you log in to IMSc systems by modem? If so
how often?

(III) Which printer do you use most often? Do you print in
colour or on transparencies?

(IV) Do you use the scanner? How often have you got it to work?

(V) Have you used the multimedia projection system? The laptop?

(VI) Have you used the sound capabilities on any machine? If
so which machine? Have you played music, synthesised sound,
used speech, recorded speech?

2. Software:

(I) Which user interface do you use most often?
Which do you prefer?

a. Default (Whatever the machine gives you)
b. Common Desktop Environment
c. Windows
d. KDE (On willow and some desktops)
e. GNOME (On Banyan and some desktops)
f. FVWM / FVWM95 (Win95 look alike on some desktops)
g. Command line interface (you just type commands at a

(II) Which program do you use for mail? Which do you prefer?

a. PINE b. ELM c. mail/mailx d. Netscape
e. Other (EMACS/Netscape/Mutt)

(III) Which editor do you use most often? Which do you prefer?

a. VI b. EMACS c. MSWord
d. Other (LyX/Netscape/Xedit)

(IV) Have you ever edited/changed the configuration of your
shell/desktop environment?

a. I don't know what this means.
b. Yes, but it doesn't work too well.
c. Yes, I customise this for all machines I log in to.
d. Yes, I enjoy it and change this every day.

(V) Do you write programs? Which language do you program in?
Do you use an Integrated Development Environment to develop
your programs/I don't know what an IDE is?

(VI) Do you use the system help and documentation? Which one?
Which is easier to use?

a. Is there any documentation?
b. Man Pages
c. Info Pages
d. Solaris Answer books
e. Integrated Help (DWWW) on Banyan.
f. IMSc User Manual (via Webpage)
g. Printed manuals

(VII) What packages do you use for drawing/plotting?

a. gnuplot.
b. SM.
c. xmgr/grace.
d. Xfig.
e. Xpaint.
f. GIMP.
f. Some other.

(VIII) Which sofware packages that have been purchased by the
Institute do you use? On what machine?

a. Mathematica.
c. Maple.
d. IMSL.
e. AbSoft Fortran Compiler.
f. Origin/Irix Programming Toolkit.

(IX) Which non-standard GNU packages that have been installed
on the Linux machines (at some cost) do you use?

a. LyX
b. SciLab.
c. StarOffice.
d. Parallel Computing
e. Stuttgart Neural Network Software/GENESIS.
f. Other scientific software.

3. Network/Remote usage.

(I) When you are away from the Institute what method do you use
to log in?

a. Avoid logging in.
b. Modem.
c. Telnet.
d. Slogin/Ssh.

(II) Which of the following web-based local services do you find useful?

a. Links under IMSc Home Page.
b. Library Catalogue.
c. Online subscriptions (specify journals).
d. Pre-print arXiv.

(III) What browser do you use to examine Web-pages? How often
do you browse external links?

a. Netscape Communicator
b. Navigator
b. Internet Explorer
c. Lynx
d. Other

(IV) Which following non-Web/non-mail services of the
internet do you use?
How often/I don't know of any other services?

(V) Do you download and install software for your own use from
the Internet? How many MegaBytes per year?

a. In 10's of MB's.
b. In 100's of MB's.
c. In Gigabytes.
d. 10's of Gigabytes and still counting...

4. Future Plans:

(I) What resources do you think our Computer Infrastructure is
most starved of? What do you think we have too much of?

a. Computational Power.
b. Network Bandwidth.
c. Documentation.
d. User Interface software.
e. Document preparation capability.
f. Presentation (Online or Multimedia) capability.


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