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Wed, 13 Dec 2006

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Proposal to reassign storage and purchase duties of CC.

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  1. A number of computer-related purchases are of things that can be purchased "off-the-shelf". Detailed technical evaluation of such items is a waste of human resource.

  2. The CC staff were chosen primarily for their technical skills. The IMSc administrative staff for their administrative skills. Managing and tracking inventory running into 100's is not a technical skill.


A. The computer committee will prepare a list of items (L) which can be purchased "off-the-shelf". This means that the office can buy such goods without detailed technical evaluation. (The CC staff or any institute member is always available for clarifications if required.) Along with this list the CC will submit an estimate of the number of such items that will be required during a given financial year.

B. The IMSc administration will arrange for the purchase of the items in the list (L) and will maintain stocks and records for those items.

C. The CC will help IMSc members/projects that require technical expertise to purchase specialised equipment (non-L). The detailed proposal for each such purchase could come from the CC or from the concerned IMSc members/project.

D. In case the equipment was purchased under a project, the relevant project committee will keep records for the equipment during the duration of the project. In this case additional requirements such as AMC etc. should also be presented as a detailed proposal by the project committee.

E. In other cases, the CC will maintain detailed records of the equipment which will be visible to all IMSc members.

F. Over a period of time items will move from non-L to L. At such a point the CC will transfer all the relevant records and any left over stock to the IMSc administration.

G. All equipment that is not in the computer rooms (this includes the printer rooms) will henceforth to be considered as issued to the relevant IMSc staff member. The CC staff will prepare one document per IMSc staff member to whom this is applicable which will be presented to that staff member for acceptance; the document will list all the relevant detachable components. Changes to the configuration in future will also be similarly documented.

Annexture: Suggestions for the list (L)

(Limitation on price Rs. 5000/=).


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