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Mon, 04 Feb 2008

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Some significant changes in the IMSc CC since 1997

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Let me document some of the significant changes that were made to the system since the deployment of "kaveri" (in 1997-1998).

  1. Switch over of mail/dns services to imsc4, gulmohar and banyan.
  2. Removal of "telnet" and "ftp" services from system servers. (Replaced by "ssh" and "scp").
  3. Deployment of firewall and 2Mbps link.
  4. Deployment of ns/mail as external mail servers with banyan as the central mail server. (Switch from sendmail to exim.)
  5. Making mail only accessibly via IMAP, ssh to banyan or webmail. (In particular, no NFS access to mail).
  6. Removal of password based remote access to IMSc Lan.
  7. Move of NIS services from kaveri to banyan.

Each of these was at least as "major" as the switch-over to "kaveri" which merely involved shutting down the file-server for a day and copying over the files and users.

The fact that this has been achieved goes to the credit of all concerned --- including our users. Still, the system admins deserve more credit for the smooth running of our system than people are willing to give them.

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